Openleaks To Rival WikiLeaks

Former WikiLeaks deputy, Daniel Domscheit-Bergto, plans to start a rival web site, Openleaks. The web site has no content on it except a logo and the message “Coming soon!”

In an interview with the OWNI technology web site, Domscheit-Berg didn’t go into reasons for his disagreement with WikiLeaks but suggested it strayed from its mission.

“In these last months, the organization has not been open any more, it lost its open-source promise,” he explained, adding that Openleaks plans to provide the means for leaked information to be published, without itself being a publisher.

Domscheit-Berg, had been involved with German hacker group the Chaos Computer Club.

Openleaks would begin trials in early 2011 and turn to bigger media later, Domscheit-Berg confirmed. It currently has 10 members.