Open Source Gerber Viewer for Linux Users

Gerber Viewer Linux is used widely nowadays as users are inclined to use old systems. So, these can easily be attained by using an open source and a professional set of tools, but they can also be used online without installation by using browsers like Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows. So, Geber Viewer Linux is quite useful for designers of electronic systems to check project status and the final result. PCB design solutions also enable users to deduce Gerber Files and their transfer to printed circuit manufacturers. Especially via Altium software as Gerber files can be directly created from Menu file.

They are used when there is a complete PCB design and you have to use a Gerber file than you just have to convert it into Gerber file with the help of CAM function to send it to different PCB manufacturers. So, with the help of Gerber Viewer errors can be resolved by taking care from concept to design manufacturing everything within a single roof. A lot of manufacturers and different engineers are using it. Altium is specifically offering Open source Gerber Viewer that is not only limited to windows and Mac but also work on Unix and Linux. With a proper use of dialog tools, Gerber File Outputs can be completely configured. Altium is providing a unified PCB design milieu with all tools needed to create a beautiful idea. As it is operated on Linux so, it is easy to use, learn and implement.

Gerber Files

Gerber files are basically an open 2-D binary image ASCII vector format. These files are used to send the data to PCB manufacturers who use it for manufacturing PCBs. There are basically two formats of Gerber files RS-274D and a latest one RS-274X. The older format files lack prime information known as aperture info. But the latest format has this file

In the Gerber format, the different layers of a PCB, for example, top silk, top metal, interior layers, etc. are held in separate files. Information regarding the PCB’s stack up like layer order, thickness etc. is not captured by Gerber files so, it is up to the user to supply this information, and to his PCB manufacturer.

Features of Gerber Viewer Linux

There are many features of Gerber Viewer Linux, but some key features are listed below;

  • Gerber Viewer can display files of different drill file formats like Exelon drill file is supported.
  • Files of X, Y, Rotation, Placement Side information and ASCII format are displayable.
  • The Viewer has an ability to auto-detect Gerber, pick-place or drill the file type while reading the file.
  • Image zooming and Panning is fully supported by the Gerber Viewer.
  • This Altium software is not limited to just windows and Mac but can also be used on Linux and Unix.
  • This software allows users to save a whole session within a project file and their names and colors can be reloaded.
  • It also has a reload operation, which re-reads all loaded files off disk. This feature is useful for users as it helps when you are manually hacking Gerber files.
  • The core feature is located in a separate library, allowing different developers and users to include Gerber parsing/editing/exporting/ rendering into other programs. Documentation for liberty is here.

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