Nike Introduces New Nike+ SportBand


NIKE just introduced their new Nike+ SportBand. This sportsband allows runners to access their own performance feedback in real-time.

The band displays the runner’s distance, pace, time and calories burned. All of this data can be seen simply by glancing at the band on their wrist.

Nike also redefined the online running experience by merging the successful website and its close to 2 million members together with

Nike+ SportBand

Nike reported that their new Nike+ SportBand has a new screen with a white background. This helps to improve visibility. It also has a welded seal for better water resistance. Colors are limited, but Nike says it comes in three color sets. One is grey with an interior pink band, another is a dark grey they call anthracite, which has a yellow interior band, and the third is black with a red interior band. Nike known many runners enjoy listening to music while they run, so they can hear their run details through the Apple iPod nano, iTouch or iPhone systems.

To create a one-stop online running destination, Nike merged the popular website, which has close to 2 million members, with There are now many new features and social media opportunities on the website. Website Features

New features include:

  • Personalization – The new navigational system includes a customizable homepage for members providing at-a-glance views of your training, progress in goals and challenges, and your Nike+ Mini. Now runners can personalize every run to illustrate their mood, weather, terrain, route and more.
  • Find Your Friends – Runners will now be able to search for like-minded and similarly-skilled runners, accept new friend requests and initiate challenges in conjunction with their favorite social media platforms. And because no good run should go unpublished, runners can broadcast their own successes beyond Nike+, with automatic updates to Facebook status, Twitter feeds and much more.
  • Upgraded Challenges – Once runners tap into their own personal running network, Nike+ will now recommend challenges from the gallery to help inspire a little healthy competition with other runners who have similar running styles or profiles.
  • New Shoe Finder – This feature asks runners to answer a few simple questions in order to receive a customized shoe recommendation based on the latest shoe technology.
  • Improved Goals and Challenges – In addition to helpful news, training tips, and event details, the newly redesigned site also features new professional coaching programs from some of Nike’s top running coaches and athletes. Runners can choose from a pre-set coaching program, or personalize their own routine and goals with more flexibility.

Nike has also launched an iPhone mobile app to give you access to Nike+ data anywhere.

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