NexWave Technologies and ip.access Team Up to Distribute Picocell


Cellular picocell technologies, the brainchild of the ip.access company will soon enable Asian mobile operators to build coverage and expand into rural areas.

An announcement made today outlines a collaboration between ip.access and NexWave Technologies Pte. Ltd. NexWave, based in Singapore, provides cost-effective, scalable network engineering solutions and services across the Asia-pacific.

The ip-access – NexWave alliance is expected to bring significant business benefits to both companies.

NexWave provides service offerings to multiple mobile operators throughout the Asia-Pacific region. NexWave says the addition of ip.access’ nanoGSM products to their offerings, will further strengthen the company’s offerings. For its part, ip.access gains an improved marketing, channel and fulfilment presence in the Asia Pacific region.

TeleChoice International Limited, NexWave’s parent company is listed on the Singapore Exchange MainBoard.

The nanoGSM product range is described as innovative, allowing provision of highly cost-effective and scalable GSM coverage and capacity solutions. The company specializes in improving mobile service quality for businesses and consumers, in offices, shops and residential buildings. ip.access technology also works on-the-go, in transportation. picocells provide coverage on land, on water and in the air, through satellite backhaul. This means it has reach into passenger aircraft, on ships, in cities, new suburbs and in remote rural areas.

ip.access technology.NexWave Vice President, Lee Yoong Kin, explained the role of ip.access’ nanoGSM system. “The nanoGSM infrastructure will play a vital role in enabling mobile operators across Asia-Pacific to offer highly cost-effective and seamless wireless in-building coverage, as well as solution for remote rural areas. By partnering with ip.access, we are strongly placed to help mobile operators in the Asia-Pacific to meet the increasing demands of providing excellent radio coverage to their customers, with highly cost-effective and scalable solutions.”

Sim Cher Fong, ip.access VP Asia-Pacific, speaking about the expansion, said, “We are committed to expanding into new territories and making our picocell technology available to mobile operators globally.”

“Our win-win partnership with NexWave gives significant mutual benefits to both parties while enabling our mobile operator customers to grow revenues by safeguarding the delivery of network coverage to enterprise subscribers, ensuring a high quality experience across the full range of mobile services.”

See the press release at ip.access.

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