Navy Exchange in Bethesda, MD Provides ChargePoint Stations for Electric Vehicles At LEED Gold Certified Store

ChargePoint has announced that the Navy Exchange is providing electric vehicle charging services through in Bethesda, MD. The new $52.8 million facility is designed to serve military families including those at Walter Reed National Military Hospital.

A 2-level parking garage with more than 500 spots was built adjacent to the NEX to ensure customers can find a place to park. The parking garage features four ChargePoint electric vehicle charging spots reserved specifically for eco-friendly, low emissions vehicles, the first charging stations at a Navy Exchange facility.

Currently, ChargePoint Stations dispense over 812 Megawatt hours of energy each month, as drivers connect more than 4100 charging sessions per day.

“We are proud to be the first Navy Exchange in the country to offer ChargePoint electric vehicle charging services,” said Rick Pimentel, General Manager of the Navy Exchange. “This facility is a LEED Gold structure featuring many efficient design features and providing electric vehicle charging stations is an important feature we want to offer to our guests. We selected ChargePoint because of the advanced features and functionality of the ChargePoint Network.”

“The Navy Exchange sells more goods and services than most retailers in the world and fund many important services for military families,” said Pat Romano, president and CEO of ChargePoint. “Offering EV charging services through ChargePoint is an important endorsement for the future of electric vehicles.”

In FY2010, The Navy Exchange generated $2.6 billion in sales with $48.4 million in dividends going to Navy MWR programs.

Operating in more than fourteen countries, ChargePoint has the largest online network of independently owned charging stations, providing turnkey charging services in parking lots. The state of the art features include online tools and mobile apps for iPhone and Android that help drivers to navigate to unoccupied charging stations.

The Navy Exchange Service Command oversees 104 Navy Exchange facilities and almost 300 stores worldwide, 40 Navy Lodges, Ship’s Stores, the Uniform Program Management Office, the Navy Clothing Textile and Research Facility and the Telecommunications Program Office.

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