Mythic Billing Mistake Overcharges DAoC & Warhammer Online Subscribers

Online players of Mythic’s 2 MMORPGs Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online noticed they were charged multiple times for their subscriptions. Several players have reported being charged hundreds and thousands of dollars. One player reported being charged 333 times for a total of $4,991.77.

Mythic released this statement on April 7th at 11:39PM on one of their MMORPG’s website:

“We are aware of the current issues that players are experiencing with being billed multiple times for their subscriptions. We are currently in contact with our vendors to have these charges reversed as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing and are aggressively seeking resolution for this issue.”

A little over an hour, Mythic then posted:

“We have confirmed with our vendor that players who have been charged multiple times for their subscriptions should start seeing a reversal of charges within 24-36 hours. We anticipate that once the charges have been reversed, any fees that have been incurred should be refunded as well. If after 36 hours, there are still incorrect charges or fees on your account, please follow these instructions:

Please begin by contacting your financial institution and explain to them that you were incorrectly charged multiple times and, as a result, over drafted. Most financial institutions will reverse these charges

If your financial institution is unable to remove these charges, you may contact our billing department by calling 650-628-1001 during our hours of operation, which are 10:00 AM EDT – 10:00 PM EDT, 7 days a week. Please have the phone and fax number of your financial institution ready when you call.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may be causing our players. Please continue to watch the Herald in the coming days for further information regarding this issue.”

And the last communication posted April 8th around 2PM:

“Please note, we have changed the instructions below for players who have been billed multiple times. To assist us in providing the best possible service please contact your financial institution prior to contacting EA Billing Support as we can only assist with resolving additional fees after you have been reimbursed.”

Mythic has not returned calls and had no comment when asked how this huge error occurred.