Veteran Radio Personality Lynn Briggs Launches Boutique Online Radio Destination

Veteran radio personality Lynn Briggs will launch a boutique online radio destination, has been designed with an expanded demographic of radio listener in mind.

“I believe that radio listeners of today demand a certain quality from the music. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. What they crave is a destination that understands who they are. Our listeners are highly educated and successful people from a broad range of social and ethnic backgrounds. They want music that reflects their eclectic taste and a radio station that isn’t afraid to take risks,” said Briggs.

By understanding what it is that the listeners want, Lynn Briggs intends to erase some of the borders that exists in music today. It will be a destination where contemporary jazz, R&B, neo soul and other forms of music are melding into a colorful sonic tapestry. However, the offerings will not stop with just the music. Lynn Briggs will also offer insightful interviews and features of some of the best news in music today.

More About Lynn Briggs For more than twenty years, Lynn Briggs has been on the air and behind the scenes in some of the nation’s largest markets, including Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Detroit. A recipient of numerous honors and the coveted Billboard Radio Personality of the Year award, Briggs is known for her insightful interviews and rapport with artists. “Lynn Briggs is responsible for breaking many of the artists you hear on radio today. She is one of the most progressive and creative programmers in the biz.” – Alan Hewitt, keyboardist/producer

Lynn has a strong desire to help the community and is the creator of Sonya’s Kids, a foundation dedicated to research and education of families living with diabetes.

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