How Today’s Businesses Can Use Encryption Programs to Protect Data

In cryptography (the art of writing or solving codes), encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot. It is an important aspect of internet security and ensures the secure passage of information between two parties.

By 2021, cybersecurity attacks by hackers are expected to contribute to over an estimated $6 trillion in damages. With the growing risk of hacker attacks comes more demand for the best possible encryption in order to protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

Business owners that want to keep their company information from being exposed should have an encryption program in place to protect the workplace. With that in mind, here are the top 4 encryption programs business owners should use to keep information safe in the online space.

1. Proofpoint Email Encryption

Proofpoint Email Encryption is one of the best encryption programs available for secure email messaging. With Proofpoint, messages and attachments are automatically encrypted with complete transparency. This saves valuable time that is typically spent on manual encryption.

Other features of Proofpoint Email Encryption include:

  • Centrally managed: Simplified way of defining email policies with a user-friendly graphic interface.
  • No-touch key management: As keys are generated, they are securely stored, managed and made available through cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Integrated information protection: Has over 80 template-based policies (including PCI, HIPAA, PII, etc.) across email and files for easy access and use.

Proofpoint offers a free trial to help business owners get started.

2. IBM Guardium Data Encryption

First up is IBM Guardium Data Encryption, a product by one of the leaders in internet software, middleware, and hardware. This product is designed to meet the needs of enterprises and individuals looking to protect their information.

Here are a few key features offered by IBM Guardium Data Encryption:

  • Quick and easy implementation: Requires no changes to files or databases or the underlying hardware infrastructure.
  • Convenient key managing: Offers a key centralized management system to help simplify encryption key management.
  • Ready to meet compliances and regulations: Includes detailed reporting that helps meet regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Supports live data transferring for easy access to analytics and reporting.

So, how about the actual encryption process?

IBM Guardium Data Encryption can perform both encryption and decryption. This is done above the file system it is transparent to users, applications, databases and storage subsystems. The best part is that it requires no coding or modification to applications or databases and protects both structured and unstructured data. It can be used both for small systems or large and complex databases and is flexible in terms of protection to log files, configurations, and other database output.

3. Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade

The Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade is a free encryption program that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Users can easily preboot encryption keys in the form of a password by inserting a USB drive containing the key. They can also use a device that generates a one-time password such as an RSA token. Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade also offers full disk encryption vs. a file or folder encryption system. Data is encrypted automatically when it’s stored on the hard disk for easy use.

The Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade is a great option for those with smaller businesses or personal home offices. Check out their website for more features and try it out for free.

4. Dell Encryption Enterprise

The Dell Encryption Enterprise offers software-based, data-centric encryption that protects all types of data on various operating systems and endpoints. It easily integrates with existing security platforms and tools. Dell is an established software and hardware company that has been trusted by users globally for over a decade.

The Dell Encryption Enterprise makes managing encryption policies for multiple devices or users easy by featuring a single management console that consolidates everything in one place. In addition, the encryption tool allows users to quickly and easily enforce encryption policies on system drives or external media without having to wait for the endpoint user. This means that securing data has never been easier.

Some other noteworthy features of the Dell Encryption Enterprise include:

  • IT-friendly: IT can easily enforce encryption policies, whether the data resides on the system drive or external media. Designed for mixed vendor environments, it also won’t get in the way of existing IT processes for patch management and authentication.
  • High-level security: The optional Full Volume Encryption feature equips systems with military-grade protection that won’t slow software or hardware down.
  • Hardware Encryption Accelerator: Functions similar to a self-encrypting drive without limiting the drive size.
  • Manage existing encryption easily: Auditing and reporting capabilities.

The Dell Encryption Enterprise is may be the best choice for versatility with platforms and capabilities. It is a great option for larger businesses that manage great amounts of data daily.

5. McAfee Complete Data Protection

McAfee Complete Data Protection is a comprehensive solution to data breaches, mainly targeted at larger businesses and companies. It is compatible with Microsoft and Apple operating systems. Here’s what it has to offer:

  • Automatically encrypts entire devices without requiring user action or system resources for practically any storage device.
  • Recognizes and verifies authorized users using a powerful multifactor authentication tool.
  • Ability to access encrypted data from anywhere without having to install any extra software.

All of the above products are powerful encryption tools that will ensure proper security at home or in the office. Business owners should take their time to sort through their security encryption options for long-term success.

working on encryption programs. Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash
Working on encryption programs. Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash
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