How to Make Cloud Services Work For You

If you are anything like me, you have several different Cloud accounts … Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Office365, or Amazon but you have bits and pieces of different data spread out among them. CloudHQ is a simple solution that will combine all of your data together and keep it that way by real time syncing.

CloudHQ will make your workplace 100% platform agnostic and protect all your data stored in the cloud.

Even if your organization might be using one primary cloud storage platform like Google Apps, your employees, partners, and clients will use other cloud apps like Evernote for note-taking, Dropbox for sharing with clients, Salesforce for CRM, Basecamp for project management. Since data is scattered over so many different cloud apps and platforms collaboration is a nightmare. Important data might be lost.

cloud services
Cloud Services.

CloudHQ ensures that everybody can collaborate via a primary cloud storage platform (i.e., Google Apps) and that all data is protected: regardless of which cloud app or account it resides in.

CloudHQ creates a complete, centralized, real-time replica of all cloud services and accounts used in the company to a central Google Drive account or Amazon S3. All changes are replicated in real-time.

All files, documents, notes, and other data from cloud apps are agregated in one searchable central location.

Real Time means that changes will be instantaneously sync’d so all data will be backed up.

The cloudHQ admin can setup a shared location which is then shared with users of that service. For example, the CloudHQ admin can create a shared Gmail label which a team can use to share and collaborate on important emails. There is a chrome extension that enables the Gmail Label Sharing.

You can also pick a service or account and create a “shared” folder, project or notebook. Invite others in a single step and they get to choose which service to use to sync the data.

I have more than 2000 notes in Evernote and wanted an easy way to export them to my Google Drive as PDFs instead of having to do it manually which would take hours. After a few minutes I was able to sync everything in Evernote to my Google Drive keeping the same folder structure I had in Evernote. Now when I add something new to Evernote, CloudHQ automatically syncs it to my Google Drive without me having to do anything extra.

You don’t have to take my word for it, click here to start a free trial with no credit card information required and start being more organized today!