How These Different Areas of Technology Could Impact Business Moving Forward

Technology is going to continue to advance at alarming rates with life-changing as well as the way business is done. Automation has already played a huge part in a variety of industries only to continue. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are sure to start changing the way things are done as well. There are going to be industries that are changed forever while others are eliminated through an invention or innovation in technology. The following are how these specific areas of technology could have an immense impact in the years to come when related to business.

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

The ability of artificial intelligence to learn and apply lessons to new tasks is incredible. The amount of data AI can process is far more, faster, and accurate than if an entire team worked against the technology. This is going to help in terms of creating strategies based on data as the strategy created by the AI will be completely off the data. Personal egos at times can get in the way of creating a perfect strategy as everyone thinks their idea is best. This is only going to increase the importance of data in decision making which will make businesses more efficient.

Big Data Will Continue to Shape Major Decisions

As mentioned above big data is going to shape major decisions which are going to make it imperative to gather data whenever possible. Luckily there are plenty of programs that can help with that already available. The ability to track data of website traffic, for example, can easily be done if using Google Analytics appropriately. Other things like that of email open rates can help sales teams hone their pitches or record sales calls to revisit where they might have gone wrong. Being able to have actionable advice to give a specific employee can be far easier than simply telling them to put in more effort. Time tracking software can help gather data for a company on both the below average producers and the best at the company. Not only can this help to keep employees on track, but it can also morph training as the current training might not be as accurate for today’s market.


Robotics is going to develop along with the rest of technology with nearly all industries utilizing it. The police and military using robots to disarm bombs or get information on a potentially dangerous situation literally have robots saving human lives. A2Z Advanced Solutions LTD is a great example of a company that provides technology in this sector. The company provides technological safety solutions for the Israeli police force as well as the military. Robotics is an interesting section of science due to its huge potential in every single industry. Even in the next few decades’ robots are sure to become more important in the daily life of a normal consumer.

Targeted Ads and Products Listings According to Previous Purchases

Most people have seen an ad for something that they thought they had just been talking about. There are data sets that can help related searched made either on a search engine or social media platform that have predictive product listings. This helps target consumers that are in the target demographic due to their previous searches online. E-commerce is only going to become more intelligent in its selling processes as related items are a huge way to maximize profit per sale. These items might be a butane torch after purchasing butane gas fuel.

Technology is essential to keep up with in order not to fall behind in business. Do not let tech pass a business by as competitors are going to do anything possible to gain an advantage.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.