How Far Can You Go to Have An Ipad?

There is no doubt iPads are a hot gadget and just like iPods before them the very name has taken on the meaning of its use rather than being simply a brand.

Brand name tablets can be as much as seven times cheaper than an iPad and work as well, if not better. Many of the top 10 tablet lists either do not feature iPads at all, or place them low down the listing. A review in The Independent, puts the ipad last on the list, but “Top Ten reviews,” puts the iPad first with the same rating as the Samsung Galaxy.

The firstgeneration iPad.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons

It does not matter where Apple’s tablet ranks, it is still “the one” to have. This is a matter of choice and there are “Apple advocates” and “Apple detractors” for each of the company’s products.

There is no question that if Apple is a company you like with products that suit you, there is little reason not to buy them. However, it is not true to say “there is no reason not to buy them” as the law is setting out to show.

Five people have been arrested in China due to one seventeen year old Chinese boy’s desire to have an iPad and iPhone. The youngster, whose surname has been released, (Wang), but not his name wished to have these two gadgets but did not have the money to pay for them. Being an honest lad he decided to sell something to pay for these purchases. The problems arise in what he sold – his kidney.

The arrests were for “intentional injury” and “illegal organ trading” and include the surgeon who performed the operation a year ago. It is thought the boy was approached about this transaction on an online chat room and the figure paid for the kidney was around $35,000. How much of this Wang received seems to be a matter of speculation rather than fact but is thought to be only a small part of the total gained; $3,500. It is believed the rest of the bounty was split between the five other people involved.

There is a severe dearth of organs in China with well over one million patients in need of donors – hence the black market in organ trading. In this deal the organ donor was under-age and acted without his parent’s consent, which leaves anyone involved in the operation with quite a bit of explaining to do, but the biggest problem now is that Wang has kidney failure and his health is deteriorating.

Before a voluntary donation it is normal for the donor to undergo health checks to avoid just such a situation arising, but in this case these too seem to have been bypassed for the greater gain.

The boy reportedly comes from a poor family, yet the money was spent on “boy’s toys” and not food or clothing for his family. The materialistic world of today frowns upon people who do not have the latest or best device and this leads weak people to do ludicrous things to get them.

This is a case of “MUST HAVE” that has gone too far.

Jill Vance
Jill Vance loves to research and write interesting articles. She is a published poet, painter and songwriter. She is an excellent book reviewer and also a sportswoman who loves horses.