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Jill Vance loves to research and write interesting articles. She is a published poet, painter and songwriter. She is an excellent book reviewer and also a sportswoman who loves horses.

Mugabe and UN Teaming Astonishes The World

As many countries and newspapers rush to express outrage at the alleged appointment of Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe as UN Ambassador, others show more caution, believing he has no official title in his new role for the UN.

More Shocks as Anders Breivik Stands Trial for July Massacre in...

The trial of Breivik starts in Norway, but his revelations are not what anyone would have imagined. He admits doing it but pleaded not guilty and that is not the only incongruity.

How Far Can You Go to Have An Ipad?

The lengths people will go to in order to have the latest technology take on new levels as a Chinese boy sells his kidney for an ipad and iphone.

Will Raising Prices of Alcohol Eliminate Binge Drinking in Britain?

British Prime Minister David Cameron's new policy to combat binge drinking is to raise the price of alcohol so people will drink less. This has quickly become more controversial than he may have imagined.

Is George Clooney Trying to Gain Fame By Protesting About Sudan?

Following George Clooney's arrest after his protest outside the Sudanese Embassy he has been criticized by journalists and Sudanese people for his actions and words.