Hearing Crystal Clear: The Latest Hearing Aid Technology in 2019

Some of your favorite sounds years ago — the voices of your loved ones, for instance — are now a distant memory. And it’s all due to the loss of hearing that has increasingly taken over your life.

However, if it’s of any consolation to you, you’re not the only person struggling with this medical problem. Research shows that about 15% of adults in the United States — or more than 37 million — report having some hearing problems.

The good news, though, is that modern-day hearing aid technology is making it easier than ever before for you to hear crystal clear. Here’s a rundown on the latest hearing aid technology and the coolest new features available in 2019.

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Latest Hearing Aid Technology Includes Recharging Capacity

The ability to recharge a hearing aid isn’t a new idea in 2019. However, companies are taking steps to improve their rechargeable technology.

For instance, last year, Signia launched a new version of its rechargeable hearing aids. The new aids utilize lithium-ion cells, which provide the benefit of lasting more than a year. You can find out more about Signia and its cutting-edge offerings — along with other leading companies’ hearing aids — by checking out today’s best hearing aid reviews.

Ear-to-Ear Connection

This is yet another top innovation in the hearing aid industry, specifically for those who use aids in both of their ears. Let’s take a look at why.

If a specific change ends up being applied to your left ear’s hearing aid, for example, your right ear’s said will adjust automatically. This is a major benefit because, with this new technology, you can more easily understand what other people are saying in a loud environment.

Artificial Intelligence in Your Ears

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are also hearing aid industry game-changers in 2019. Why? Because technology companies and hearing aid makers are eager to use AI to make these devices more adaptable and smarter.

Combining hearing technology with AI has a number of potential applications. For instance, AI may help your aids to more easily filter out noise in the background.

In fact, future hearing aids might learn which sounds to concentrate on. Again, this may make it easier for you to hear someone else talk even in the noisiest of environments.

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