Google to Diagnose Users with Depression and Mental Ill Health

Google in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has come up with a test that diagnoses depression and mental ill health cases. Americans can now use their mobile phones for self-diagnosis of the condition. All you need to do is Google the term “Clinical depression” and you will be invited to fill in a screening questionnaire.

The program is called PHQ-9 and you can employ Google Gravity Tricks for effective and fun searching. With this, you can sort the search results in a unique manner as you get content rich information on the PHQ-9 test. According to Mary Gilberti, the CEO of NAMI. The move is aimed at increasing the population of individuals who are aware of their mental state. Here is what the test is all about:

  1. A Knowledge Program

According to Google, whenever you click on the program, you will identify a “Knowledge panel” that helps you to check your depression status. With this, you are able to know if you are suffering from depression or not. The PHQ-9 program provides information on the symptoms of depression and treatment that you will find useful.

The test is a clinically effective screening questionnaire that determines the depression levels in a person. With the results, one is able to properly understand the magnitude of the problem. The test also makes it easy for you to see a doctor as you are aware of the problem before hand.

  1. An Important Step in the Treatment Process

It’s obvious that you cannot treat what you are not aware of. Many Americans suffer from depression and mental ill health without realizing it’s too late. Considering that depression is treatable, the PHQ-9 is an important step towards achieving this.

The program allows you to frequently check your mental health and properly manage any condition before it advances. Clinically, people with depression show late symptoms. They take 6 to 8 years before the symptoms manifest. Why wait for long when you can identify the condition early via the phone?

  1. Privacy Assurance

The test program is not here to subvert any medical test for depression. On the contrary, the program is here to steer you to see a doctor in case you find out that you have depression. The results of the test are purely private to you, and no one can know your condition unless you share.

You can consider the test as any private doctor that you trust with your medical secret. With the rate of depression reported to be on the rise especially in women, it’s time to make use of this new Google App.


The PHQ-9 program is an important step in the medical industry and Google. The application has brought hope to America and the rest of the world. Depression levels are alarming in the US and need effective medical intervention. The Google test allows one to self-examine their depression levels and seek medical treatment in time. If all Americans and the rest of the world embrace the new test, then we can consider depression manageable.

Google Search Engine and mental health.
Google Search Engine and mental health.
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