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Bledar Memishaj is a mobile enthusiast who loves to use, review and write about all phones, especially high-end China-made budget phones.
Pigcasso the Pig

How an Actual Pig Helped Swatch Design Its Latest Watch

Awkward but true: Swiss watch company Swatch has enlisted the help of a very talented pig for a new watch design. Dubbed 'Pigcasso,' this...
Sleep deprivation

Sleep Deprivation: What Are Its Effects to Health?

There is hardly anyone who has not suffered from sleep deprivation. It occurs when people get less sleep than is actually required to feel...

More People Starting To Use A VPN For Internet Security

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help protect online activity from hackers and criminals by encrypting and tunneling data from a computer (or mobile)...
Brand strategy

Overlooked Marketing and Branding Strategies

When promoting a business, utilizing the newest and most innovative marketing strategies - such as content marketing - is always appealing. After all, the...
How to create viral content

Tips for Creating Viral Content

We've seen it hundreds of times before: A picture of a cat doing something silly yet funny, Logan Paul being stupid, or a meme...
IVC Filter market growth

IVC Filter Market Expected to Grow Despite Lawsuits

The implantation of IVC Filters into the inferior vena cava to prevent life-threatening pulmonary by catching blood clots has been accompanied by a high...
Student offenses

How Texas Deals With Common Student Offenses

Students, immature as they are, may find themselves on the wrong side of the law with offenses that are much less serious in nature,...
#FreeTheBeard Publix Petition

Employees Petition Publix To Let Them Grow Beards

Employees at Publix Super Markets have been asking the company to review its dress code policy that outlines facial hair. So far they have...
Top 10 Resume Deal Breakers Candidates Should Avoid

Survey Reveals Top 10 Resume Deal Breakers Candidates Should Avoid

To help job seekers make the best first impression and convince a hiring manager that they're qualified for a position, the world's largest resume-writing...
IVC Filter Lawsuit

IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed for Vena Cava Perforation against Cook Medical

A new lawsuit has been filed against Cook Medical for an implanted dysfunctional and health-endangering Inferior Vena Cava Filter. The woman from Marion County,...
MoMa Perpetual Calendar

10 Awesome Gadgets Every Office Must Have

Awesome Gadgets During working days, everyone in the office spends at least one third of the day sitting and working in front of a desk....
Paper Coupons or Digital vouchers.

Digital Vouchers Are Here But Paper Coupons Will Still Be Around

Once upon a time, Alex Papaconstantinou had a bright idea of what he wanted his Sunday afternoons to look like. He would purchase a...
Google Search Engine and mental health.

Google to Diagnose Users with Depression and Mental Ill Health

Google in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has come up with a test that diagnoses depression and mental ill health...
Vivo Xplay5 Lite smartphone

How the World’s First 6GB RAM Smartphone Changed the Industry

Phone manufacturers are always racing each another with every new product release. For a particular manufacturer, to produce a device that features enormous storage...
Smart ways to increase your small business brand visibility cost effectively

Ways Small Businesses Can Increase Brand Visibility Cost Effectively

Your business exposure will highly affect your retail sales. You could use traditional advertisements such as Google ads, Facebook ads or Twitter sponsor ads...
AVG Antivirus

Why Trust AVG Antivirus As Your Smartphone Protection App

It is very uncommon these days to find someone using a mobile device other than a smartphone. According to a study by Pew Research...