Blippy Makes Users Credit Card Numbers Public

Blippy is a website for people that want to share information with friends across social networking platforms such as facebook about their online purchases. You give blippy your credit card number and they track your purchases and post it so your friends can see what you are buying.

I see where this concept would be useful; you see your friend bought a particular book, and think to yourself “hey I bet that book is really good,” so then you could buy it as well. I do a lot of social media on the web; Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and I even thought about doing this, but never got around to it, and boy am I glad!

4 user’s had their credit card information exposed Friday. These credit card numbers showed up on a search within Google. Blippy said on their official blog that that they take security seriously and want to assure Blippy users that this was an isolated incident from many months ago from their beta test, and would not affect current users.


A lot less bad than it looks? How about the CEO of Blippy post his credit card numbers on the internet since it is no big deal and let’s see if he says that when he is having to call several retailers explaining what happened, going through the hassle of canceling his credit cards, then having to wait on new ones. I can’t honestly believe why he would say that.

These 4 people I am sure are pretty mad already and other Blippy users are probably a little worried about security now, and the CEO of Blippy says “its a lot less bad than it looks…” This guy should have consulted a PR professional or lawyer before speaking if he thinks making statements like that was good for business.