10 Awesome Gadgets Every Office Must Have

Awesome Gadgets

During working days, everyone in the office spends at least one third of the day sitting and working in front of a desk. A place that takes such substantial portion of work time shouldn’t miss decoration with some of the best gadgets. From the most absurd to most phenomenal ones, here is a list of ten awesome gadgets to try out at the office.

Treadmill desk

WorkFit 1030 Treadmill Desk, one of the most awesome gadgets
WorkFit 1030 Treadmill Desk

Working in the office is stressful and sitting for long hours in a chair claims some precious years from your life. To claim those years back, improve psychologically and physically, a treadmill desk could be the answer.

A treadmill desk provides enough space to comfortably support a full-size monitor and keyboard to create a mobile mini-office. There are various models of treadmill desk with some having enough space to house everything that’s on a traditional desk. Walking on the treadmill allows much-needed physical activity and also boosts morale. Thus, making employees more productive and balanced.

Digital Smartpen

Echo 2G SmartPen
Echo 2G SmartPen

The smartpen is the most amazing tech for simple tasks, by far. It is incredibly useful for anyone who finds themselves writing a lot. It has the potential to make life much easier for people who need to keep notes or write during a presentation or meeting. The Pen ships with a special top-bound notebook that has digital commands, which the smartpen understands, printed on it.

With this pen, you can record audio conversations and store digital versions of writing on a computer or mobile phone. The pen developers have mobile apps that transmit information in real time thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

Besides digitalizing writing, the app also allows finding exact spots in the digital recordings by placing the pen on written words on the special paper. The cursor on the computer moves to that exact word within the whole conversation. It is an amazing tech every writer needs to have for better organization at work.

Self-stirring Mug

Firebox Self Stirring Mug
Firebox Self Stirring Mug

What can be better than having a great time walking on a treadmill at the office, working, and having all writing stored in a digital format? A mug that automatically stirs the coffee and doesn’t distract or waste time to find a spoon is the answer!

This mug sports a battery-powered impeller at the bottom that forces the liquid to rapidly swirl around the bottom of the cup. It can stir it fast enough to create a fancy whirlpool. This can be such an entertaining experience while trying to sink a finger deep into the whirlpool without touching the fast-moving coffee or tea.

This is actually my least-useful of the awesome gadgets, but who wouldn’t want to play with their self-stirring cup of tea anyway?

WiFi Extender

WiFi Range Extender
WiFi Range Extender

A WiFi extender improves the coverage area of any router by capturing and rebroadcasting the signal from the router to areas where the WiFi signal is weak or nonexistent. A WiFi range extender offers a stronger and faster connection while moving across offices in a company building, sparing the frustration of a disconnected facetime or skype video chat because of weak signal.

When looking to get a WiFi extender, look for one priced at under $100. Above that price, a new router could be a better buy.

Perpetual Calendar

MoMa Perpetual Calendar
MoMa Perpetual Calendar

Rather than looking for the cutest kitty or landscape calendar, instead impress everyone with a scientific gadget? Here is is one that defies the laws of thermodynamics. The idea of perpetual motion has challenged the minds of scientists since antiquity. Leonardo Da Vinci was a great fan of this idea, his drawings of machines that work on their own without an external energy source still exist.

Although perpetual motion is yet to be proved in practice, this perpetual motion calendar works through magnets where one ball stays suspended in the air and marks the month and the other moves on the horizontal beam to mark the day. The magnets should be manually moved for it to show the correct date and month, but its sleek design gives it a magical view that will draw attention from anyone who comes to visit the office.

USB Webmail Notifier

USB Email Notifier
USB Email Notifier

This great gadget connects to a computer or laptop via a USB cable to light up in seven different colors each time new email is received. It is much more effective and elegant to have a tiny device shaped like the email logo than checking for email multiple times in a browser. It is a low-power LED device.

This is especially good for single-monitor configurations. Currently, this gadget doesn’t yet indicate when new email hits the spam or junk folder. However the smart usability coming with this product doesn’t take away much cash, as it costs just $6.

This is the lowest cost of the awesome gadgets – and perhaps the second least-useful.

Air Purifier Spy Camera

Honeywell air purifier hidden camera
Honeywell air purifier hidden camera

This amazing spy camera masked behind an air purifier is all that’s needed to ensure nobody touching your stuff at the office. This is not a real-functional air purifier, but the fan inside the device makes it appear fully-functional.

This IP security camera has advanced camera filters that allow it to record video and snap photos at low light levels. It can be remotely controlled via an Android or iOS phone. A fast Internet connection is required for the remote control features. This spy cam is quite expensive but it the joy when busting someone with their hands on the office gadgetry could be worth the investment.

Bamboo Charging Station

MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station
MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station

This bamboo wood charging station is elegant and shows how well-organized the office is with gadgetry. The charging station has room to accommodate up to 9 tablets and three mobile phones, with USB ports available for each to be charged at once. It will make your office much better for the eye and never have to make room for a second phone or tablet on the desk.

MobileVision, designer of this product has multiple versions of bamboo gadget organizers in case this one is too massive for one smartphone.


Plugable USB hub
Plugable USB hub

This unusual gadget spares the frustration of working through tangled cables. No more messy USB cords stretching all around the desk. This USB hub allows connecting up to 10 different devices, keeping the desk clutter-free. It has ports for every digital device that requires a USB connection.

At first, this didn’t seem to be a very useful awesome gadget, but developers who must check changes to their apps on multiple devices, it is very useful.

Laser Projection Keyboard

Laser Projection Keyboard by Uncommon Goods, the coolest of the awesome gadgets.
Laser Projection Keyboard by Uncommon Goods

Is highly doubtful that laser technology will replace physical keyboards anytime soon. It’s not a bad thing to feel keys under the fingertips nor to hear the sound keys make when pressed.

But still, what an amazing idea to exercise the fingers on a virtual keyboard projected onto a desk or table. The laser keyboard by Uncommon Goods creates an amazing feeling of what’s coming in the future. Tapping on a desk or any surface on a virtual keyboard illuminated by light is something everyone should experience.

The projection keyboard is definitely the coolest of the awesome gadgets and people will definitely stare while using it at the cafe.

And They Are Cool Too

These awesome gadgets are all really cool and they are (mostly) practical too.