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It is Monday afternoon at 4 pm and your son or daughter is over 45 minutes late returning home from school. Panic sets in as he/she is not answering his/her cell phone because he/she forget to fully charge it the night before.

A frantic phone call to the police, neighbors and even friends you haven’t spoken to in years in hopes that someone has seen your little girl or boy.

This is exactly what a 34 year old mother in Medford, NJ had to live recently when her daughter was due home from school at 3:15 PM.

For this young and obviously safety conscious Mother, help was just a phone call away. She had met with Amber Alert GPS distributor Steve Stevenson three weeks prior and wisely bought the Amber Alert GPS and monitoring system.

“All any parent would need to do in a situation such as this Mother experienced is call us, log onto a secure server and instantly find out the location of a loved one by either email, text message or a live operator.” Steve Explained.

Amber Alert GPS Tracking is on the forefront at combating missing children. Criminals are taking a second guess at kidnapping a child today not knowing if or when any given child may be in possession of a GPS system.

“Preventing missing kids is just the beginning for us, we are in the early stages of rolling out a seniors GPS, pet GPS and even high priced items at home like ATV, boats and cars.” Steve continued.

To find out about The GPS Tracking system please email Steve directly at [email protected]