6 Strategic Time Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Time is money and this statement is truer for entrepreneurs than it is for anyone else. The typical employee gets paid on time, regardless of whether he has or hasn’t done his work completely. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, knows that the time and effort he puts into each task will account for his success. This is why entrepreneurs have to manage their time very carefully. That is not always easy, considering how many responsibilities there are to handle. But with top quality time management tools, it has become possible to control how efficiently we spend our time.

One of the biggest responsibilities entrepreneurs and small businesses face is that of scheduling. It can eat up a big chunk of your precious time and you could still end up with an inefficient scheduling system. You can solve this problem with the aid of scheduling software.

Time Management Tools.
Time Management for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Best Time Management Tools

The following is a list of some of the best appointment scheduling software.

    1. Acuity Scheduling

      This is a powerful scheduling tool that allows its users to schedule meetings and appointments with both staff and clients. With Acuity, 12 staff members can log in to see the schedule of everyone else so other appointments and any staff meetings can be set accordingly. The system is easy to use, with some great features. The four main features of Acuity are:

      • Embedded integration

        Acuity makes it very easy for your client to book time with you. It makes the entire booking process simple, with all the steps in one window on your website. This way, the client won’t have to go through a number of confusing steps.

      • Program Integration

        Acuity integrates with a large number of meeting programs like GoToMeeting and QuickMeeting, making your webinar appointments easy and efficient.

      • Client Reports

        This is like a recorded history of the clients, including any missed or cancelled appointments, payments history and the next appointments.

      • Mobile Scheduler

        Acuity offers mobile scheduling so that you, your clients and your staff can remain connected to the scheduler through your phone. Anyone can make new appointments and/or cancel any they need to. Once clients book an appointment, they are given an instant quote so they know how much they will pay when they come see you for their appointment. With everything so simple and automated, you won’t waste any time on scheduling appointments and there will be no time clashes.

    2. Agile CRM

      Agile CRM added an online appointment scheduling tool to its CRM and it has proven itself to be one of the best and most convenient tools. It lets you set up an appointment calendar on your app or your website.

      From there, customers can choose from any of the open time slots to set up their meeting with you. When you have an online calendar with real-time availability listing, it is very easy for your customers to reach out to you and it will also make your business more efficient.

      No longer will you waste time on emails and phone calls back and forth. Once a customer requests an appointment, you can assign the best person to the job according to customer requirements in the appointment page.

    3. TimeTap

      TimeTap also allows businesses to embed the scheduler on their website so customers can make their own appointments.

      • Email notifications are customized to go out automatically. You can also make changes in the calendar according to you and your staff’s needs.
      • There are lists of appointments that have been cancelled or missed.
      • Support for multiple time zones so your clients can set meetings at a time that is best for them.
      • You can also add as many fields as you want on your booking forms so you don’t miss any crucial client information and are up to date at the time of the appointment.
    4. vCita

      This is great software that makes your business available to your clients everywhere, on desktops and mobiles. It allows your clients to book appointments, schedule payments for your service and register for any of your events. So your client scheduling, billing and reminders are all in one place.

      You can also set up online credit card payment and create email invoices.

    5. TimeTrade

      TimeTrade’s online scheduling software likes to target multiple businesses. Customers can make in-branch or on-phone appointments. Educational institutes can also benefit from it by scheduling their admission and office hours. Client meetings are made easier with TimeTrade and the overall scheduling-related costs are really reduced.

    6. Setmore

      Setmore’s online calendar allows customers to book appointments and businesses to manage and analyze their scheduling efficiently and easily. It can be integrated with a variety of other apps and sites so your business can grow.

      There are also

      • SMS reminders
      • Email reminders
      • Scheduling
      • Reviews/feedback
      • Payments
      • Website widget
      • Google syncing

Scheduling Software Improves Efficiency

With scheduling software, entrepreneurs not only save time and make their business more efficient, they also earn customer appreciation and loyalty. Rather than calling many times and sending countless emails, clients can easily book their own appointments, according to their own convenience. In the end, These time management tools help entrepreneurs and small businesses save time and money and earn loyal customers.

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