5 Ways You Can Use Your Phone Tracking App

Whether you are a paranoid parent, a curious boss, or a victim of having your phone stolen, a tracking phone program can help you in every way.

Parents can easily keep track of their reckless children and bosses can locate the movements of their employees. But, if your phone is stolen, the best thing a phone tracking app can do is assist you to track your lost device.

And for people still in a dilemma whether to install a phone tracker on your phone or not, here is more information that might help you decide.

A phone tracker is always useful in many ways. Don’t think that it will waste space on your phone, because it has a light footprint. And don’t think that your phone will never be lost. Around one in ten smartphone users have their phone stolen each year, and more than half never recover their device. Don’t be a victim, take precautions before it actually happens to you.

control panel for tracking phone
phone tracking control panel

Below are the 5 ways to use a phone tracking app

  1. GPS and Remote Control System for tracking iPhone and Androids:

For tracking iPhone and some android cell phones there is an inbuilt tracking device but this device does not have all the required features that help in the complete process of tracking a phone.

Your tracking phone device should have these features:

  • GPS facility

  • A detailed map of current location.
  • Within a specific period of time a detailed route history.
  • On the unavailability of regular GPS, the features of identifying locations.
  • Ability to access all information in detail from your computer Control Panel.
  • Geo-fencing

  • Ease of setting a virtual barrier from entering the device in a specific geographical zone.
  • Select an unlimited number of forbidden zones.
  • Detailed data of when and how often the phone is entering a forbidden zone.
  • Immediate email notification of sudden move to a forbidden zone.
  • Remote-Control:

  • Device wipeout: Wipe out all information in your phone if it is stolen. Control options of wiping out from the computer Control Panel.
  • Device locking: Lock your device or cell phone in case it is stolen, preventing any actions. Controlled these options from the Control Panel.
  • Control-Panel: The control panel has a dashboard view option and individual activity option. Also, you can search and get help if needed.

All these features help to track iPhone or any android cell phone. mSpy is one such tracking phone app that gives the security, safety, and convenience.

  1. Manage calls through tracking phone app:

Your tracking phone app should give you a chronological list of incoming and outgoing calls. The time a call is made or when a call is received, also the duration and the name of the caller if it is saved in the mobile phone, every detail should be neatly given by your tracking phone app.

You can also block unwanted callers from calling. The app Control Panel manages this too.

  1. Track e-mails along with instant and text messages:

Your phone tracking device must give you access to all emails and text messages received or sent from the phone including the content, date and time.

Instant messages on social networking sites such as Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, etc are monitored through the device. Even deleted messages are .

Parents are highly satisfied with these apps because it allows parental control over their children. They can receive time to time messages and conversation they are having with others including strangers.

Tracking phones of their reckless children has become easy for parents.

  1. Control apps, programs and multimedia files:

Detail list of installed applications, app blocking feature and keylogger:

This feature is very useful for parents as well as for offices. Parents can monitor new apps and programs installed on their kid’s phone, and also can block any application through the application blocking feature in the tracking phone app Control Panel.

Offices can control employees from accessing various applications through these features. Also, they can monitor what kinds of apps are installed during office hours.

The keylogger feature of the tracking device enables viewing of all keystrokes made on the keypad of the phone.

Multimedia files:

Multimedia files such as images, video, and photos uploaded in apps such as Instagram are available. The phone tracker device gives access to everything. It will track each new photo taken, and uploaded to Instagram.

Also, any videos watched or installed on the phone are monitored through these devices. Parents and bosses now have complete access to the multimedia files of their kids and employees respectively.

  1. Analyze the data:

This is a very useful feature it helps you analyze all the data you have collected from a single device or various devices from time to time.

You can export the data in different file formats, including XLS, CSV or PDF.


Whether you have more than one child to track or multiple employee devices to monitor, it will be a very suitable feature.

These are the 5 ways you can use your tracking phone device. Right now the best tracking phone app is mSpy which has all these features and more.

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