5 Top Cyber Security Tools Every Small Business Should Have

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly a top concern for all businesses, but it’s increasingly seeming small businesses should really be the most vigilant in protecting themselves against these crimes.


Many cyberattackers see small businesses as prime targets because they tend to have little if any protection in place, making them easy to infiltrate. So what can small business owners do to protect themselves from the threat?

Below are five excellent tools that can help them do just that.

1. Silo from Authentic 8

Authentic 8’s Silo tool provides a mobile device security solution for small businesses that integrates the use of mobile devices that have Bring-Your-Own-Device policies. With Silo, devices connect by SSL, and data is exchanged through a remote display protocol. All content happens in the “container,” so no web code reaches the device being used by employees. Other features include identity management and data policy controls.

2. Random.org Password Generator

Small business owners don’t necessarily have a full understanding of what role strong passwords play in their IT security or lack thereof. If you’re a small business, and you want to give yourself a high level of protection against hacks and attacks, consider using the Random.org Password Generator. This simple and free tool transmits passwords to your browser securely via SSL, and they aren’t saved on the Random.org server.

3. Firmex

Firmex is a company that offers both virtual data rooms and document sharing resources for businesses, and it’s used by companies like Barclays, UBS, Etsy, McMillan, and ComScore. With Firmex virtual data rooms and document sharing, users can share their important information securely, with security tools that actually exceed compliance. It’s a much better way to improve secure collaboration across departments, offices, and with third-parties, particularly when compared to sending information via email.

4. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

With Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, small business owners can ensure they’re securing everything across laptops, desktops, and servers. This simple-yet-effective malware and virus protection can be set up in a matter of minutes, and it’s specifically designed with the features and functionalities that a small-but-growing business needs. It protects against dangerous applications and also clearly shows employees what they can trust, there’s no hardware to install or upgrade, and the interface is user-friendly. It can even be easily deployed to remote workers and offices.

5. InterGuard Data Loss Prevention Software

InterGuard is a company that focuses on Data Loss Prevention software. Using InterGuard lets small businesses see and block sensitive data from leaving whether that’s through email, removable data, web forms, or the data that’s saved on local drives. This includes remote laptops. Features include real-time notifications, customizable policy creation options, and data is protected whether it’s stored locally or is being transmitted by email or through a removable media source.

Cyber Security Threat Protection

The above represent excellent options for any small business that wants to protect itself against the widespread and pervasive cyberthreats that are increasingly facing them in today’s environment. Each of the above offers features and functionalities that make it specifically geared toward the needs of modern small businesses.

Melissa Thompson
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