Flowers Are A Hot Gift This Holiday Season

Come December, everyone wracks their brain trying to figure out the best gifts for all the people on their list. Sometimes overlooked, flowers have been increasing in popularity as Christmas and holiday gifts. During just the holiday season, flower companies make 30% of their revenue for the entire year. Taking into account how many flowers are bought for other occasions, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter, that’s a lot of flowers bought for holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. In fact, the holiday season is the biggest season for flower companies, with 2.8 billion dollars spent on flowers for the holidays alone every year.

A lot of holiday shopping trends have been changing in recent years. Most shoppers do at least some of their holiday shopping online and in 2018, over half of the total holiday shopping is expected to be done online. Consumers buy flowers online to give a gift that has a nice personal touch, but that can be bought relatively quickly and easily. It can be hard to do holiday shopping last minute, but flower delivery is a common option for last minute online gifts.

Paired with a bottle of wine or some Christmas chocolates, they’re the perfect gift to give that hard to buy for person. A lot of shoppers also use flowers as the “cherry on top” to complete a present that just needs a little something more. Many people love giving and receiving flowers for the holidays as well because they’re something that lasts. If given early in the holiday season, they can remain a decoration for guests to enjoy during holiday and New Year’s parties.

Shoppers love buying flowers as gifts too because it’s impossible to go wrong. Bouquets of roses are both timeless and trendy, with celebrities recently turning to them as their go-to gift. Flower companies offer Christmas themed bouquets and gift boxes, as well as other varieties of flowers all year long.

With companies like LolaFlora Roma offering fast delivery, flowers have become one of the top last minute gifts. Since flowers are such a common gift during Christmas, these companies that specialize in flowers can quickly create a personalized gift that is much more memorable than a bouquet that was picked up at the supermarket on the way to an event.

Melissa Thompson
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