These Types Of Businesses Need An Online Presence During These Times

Businesses that do not embrace the internet in time end up failing to grow or can even end up bankrupt because of the fact that the competition surely does. No matter what business owners might believe right now, the truth is that the vast majority of businesses now need an online presence. However, we now live through the response to a global pandemic, so some need it a lot more than others. This is what to focus on in the following paragraphs.

Local Stores

Local stores can quickly reach bankruptcy whenever a lockdown is in place. This is because they rely on local customers and the government response can prevent them opening. A way to fight this reliance is to use the internet. Any business can launch an eCommerce website that will help to sell products even if they cannot welcome local customers to the physical location.

The investment is really small and the only difference is the need to ship the products. Also, at the same time, there may be a need to modify the inventory to prevent dealing with those items that spoil really fast, those with a short shelf life.

online presence. Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay


According to Peter Kent Consulting, artists need an online presence anyway but this is even more important now than ever. This is because most activities through which artists could make money are being cancelled. By having an online presence, it is easier to deal with the effects of not having jobs.

As a very simple example, there are numerous artists that set up donation pages. They get money from fans that like them and that income can help them to survive until times are better. This is just an example of a way to monetize the online presence of an artist. Many others can be mentioned, including paid shows and selling art on the internet.

Trade Jobs

This might seem counter-intuitive at first but trade jobs like plumbers and electricians need a very good online presence because it is more difficult than ever to find work. While in most cases for trade jobs there are still some earning opportunities, they are highly limited. People are hanging on to their cash to deal with potential emergencies so it is normal that it is difficult to find jobs.

With a strong online presence, tradies can be among the first trade job professionals considered. As an example, many homeowners just contact a plumber these days when a leak happens or something more serious occurred. Whenever this is the case, the homeowner uses the internet to look for a plumber. As a result, those that appear first in searches are most likely to be contacted.

Final Thoughts

The three types of businesses highlighted can so easily be branched into numerous other subcategories. For instance, artists include painters and musicians. Also, many other businesses need to seriously consider investing in the development of a strong online presence or it will be really difficult to make money in the near future.

What is particularly important is to determine what type of online presence is needed. This varies from one business to the next. Business owners need to understand if they would need to use SEO, digital marketing, or social media marketing.

Whenever businesses feel the need to increase online presence, the best thing to do is to work with a professional. Remember that businesses cannot afford to make mistakes to build an online profile because of the way in which Covid-19 affected how consumers live and spend their money. The professional marketer can help make the right choices.