The Top 5 Ways to Work Smarter & Improve Your Lead Flow

Realtors are perpetually searching for leads. Whether it is buyer or seller leads, the amount of incoming leads determines the future success of any realtor.

Remember the age old adage of working smarter not harder? Well the same applies to acquiring leads online.

Here are the Top 5 ways to work smarter and get more leads.

  1. Boosted posts. Everyone has seen them on their Facebook feeds but there is a secret that can significantly improve the amount of leads you get from them. Take a post with preferably a few photos, keep the post ad copy short followed by a shortlink like or whichever you prefer. Do not boost the post by using the “Boost Post” button, even when Facebook recommends it. The smarter way is by doing it through the Ad Manager. This way you can apply a custom audience and laser target who your ad is show to which can significantly change – for the positive – your results.
  2. Emphasis works. Taking two ads that are identical but one has an added word to start, can make a world of difference. For example taking an ad that reads, “Are you or anyone you know thinking about buying a home in Whatever City? Click here.” and adding ATTENTION!! to the start, can drastically change the results and costs per engagement. We have seen CPL (cost per lead) rates go from $5.60 through the floor to $1.35 simply by making this change.
  3. Pay attention to what doesn’t work for your competitors. Many realtors simply hire a PPC professional and blindly trust they will do right by them. For the savvy realtor this leaves a fantastic opportunity for them to learn from their competitors what doesn’t work. Spyfu is a great program that can help you to see where your competitors are spending their money and on what PPC keywords. Cherry picking only the most profitable keywords is key to getting off on the right foot and to avoid hemorrhaging cash on anything that has no return.
  4. Remember the ABC (Always Be Closing) of sales? This also applies to your web page. Too many realtors worry about how their web page will look and not enough attention to conversion points in the form of a variety of calls to action throughout. Find the ideal balance between esthetics and conversion points and you will be well on your way to growing your lead flow.
  5. Landing pages. The most common error is to send PPC ad clicks through to your homepage. Ideally all of your PPC traffic should be directed through to highly targeted landing pages. They are great for converting, especially when you keep the content above the fold (no scrolling). Reason being is that with a landing page the visitor has no other options to distract them. Basically enter your information to get what you want. Done!

So there you have it – the Top 5 Ways to Work Smarter & Improve Your Lead Flow.

Hopefully this article has helped you and that you’ll be able to apply these ideas to take your business to the next level.