The Days After: Following Up After the Trade Show

When businesses enter trade shows, they try their hardest to market as hard as they can with one aim in mind – to gather as much lead as possible. These leads are vital for a business going forward, especially startups and small-scale ventures. However, once they gathered the leads using their exhibition stand in Orlando, what then?

Sometimes, what comes afterwards is the hard part because you should not be sitting on precious leads after a successful trade show. You should use them, but how?

Here are some ways you can.

  • Update Your Database

Leads are basically contact information about the individuals who have expressed interest in your brand. That is why, it is vital that you have a collective spreadsheet of all potential customers. This includes those who were with you since the beginning. This gives you a place to see everyone in one glance.

When updating the database, it is important that the information is complete. However, if it is not, do not fret. You can always use a third party to search the information for you.

Word of advice – indicate where you met each one of your leads. This will give you a chance to make every e-mail personal, and this in itself is a strong marketing strategy.

  • Promote a Call to Action

This is to encourage the leads to act. To urge them forward and engage them to support your brand by supporting your products. However, do not be discouraged if they refuse to do anything. Research even says that it normally takes at least six to eight tries before they are willing to do anything, and that is why you need to be persistent.

Also, change what you ask them to do every now and then. It is important that you cover all the bases. Different people vary in their response to different calls. That is why you have to be flexible in what you send out.

  • Follow-Up on their Experience

If you have the time, it may also be good if you approach your leads and ask them to complete a survey regarding their overall experience in your booth. This acts as a reminder for the individual about your brand by putting you in front of their mailing list.

If they do complete it, you will be given valuable feedback. Something to work on for the next trade show, or on your product. It will depend which part of your company they gave a feedback on.

  • Connect

It is a good strategy if you try to connect with them as a person after the event, for example with live talent in Orlando. This gives them the feeling that they are not just another name in a list. Rather, a valuable individual to your brand.

One vital cog to this step is to connect with them through social media. This will remind them that it is a person behind the name, and not just another brand.

A successful trade show is fine, but it always pays to follow up on leads. Gives them a sense of importance, and to remind them that you are still there because not everything ends at the exhibition stand in Orlando.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.