Need an SEO Trick? The Best SEO Tactics to Use in 2019

I don’t want 2018 SEO strategies, I want 2019 SEO strategies!

Sound like you?

Yeah, that’s something a lot of us are saying at the moment.

Because we know that as time marches on, the strategies for search engine optimization have to constantly evolve.

It’s getting more and more tricky to find new and creative ways to drive traffic to your website to generate customers.

So you’re probably wondering if there’s a new SEO trick that’ll push your company’s strategy to the next level.

Or better yet, a bunch of new SEO tricks!

Well, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out some great SEO tips for 2019.

Mobile Indexing

Mobile users are increasing every day, which then leads to the obvious conclusion that search engines are being used more and more by mobile users as well.

So what is an SEO trick you can use to maximize the mobile version of your site? You don’t want to fall behind and have a great standard site, but leave your mobile site lacking.

Because then that traffic from mobile will pass you by!

So, first make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Then, use things like mobile plugging on CMS platform, and use site building protocols like WordPress and Bootstrap. Using AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, is also highly recommended.

Speed, Speed, Speed

Use yourself as a quick test case. When was the last time you stuck around on a page that was taking too long to load?

Like everyone, you probably bail when a site isn’t loading quickly enough. So that’s something that will be of increasing importance in 2019 as the era of 5g begins.

You can help this issue by getting rid of any and all elements slowing your website down.

Some examples of this are using optimized images and asynchronous loading of Javascript and of CSS. You can also look into minimizing the response time on your server.

Hey Siri, Can You Help?

People are quickly becoming accustomed to using voice command based search. Whether it’s Siri on their iPhone, or Alexa, or Google Assistant, everyone is integrating voice command devices into their everyday lives.

So you need to optimize for that kind of search!

One great step is to use long tail key phrases, rather than short keywords. Do your research before you choose your keyword phrases. Find out what kind of phrases people say when using voice command search devices.

So once you find those out, get them into your blogging content.

An SEO Trick A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Okay, we don’t mean literal doctor there. But if you start implementing each SEO trick above, you’ll start to see real progress in your site’s rankings in 2019.

And above all, be sure to be generating great content on a regular basis that makes it clear to Google what your site is doing.

Using all of these strategies together will really jumpstart your SEO in 2019! And if you have any questions, contact us today!

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.