Here are the Top 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services

In the modern world, more and more businesses are migrating to the virtual platform, and this has created a rampant competition amongst the different companies. Companies are looking for new and innovative ways to get ahead from their competitors in the business scenario, and this applies to all aspects of conducting business. Marketing is no different and is not excluded from this development. A widely used tool in marketing is press release distribution, and companies are trying to find innovative ways to distribute press releases to consolidate their positions in the market.

Press release distribution has undergone many changes, and the market has also shifted from a newspaper-oriented platform to a virtual one, whereby press releases are published on online websites and media outlets. Due to the increasing competition, companies must search for the best press release distribution companies to assist their companies and increase their profits. However, the task of finding the best press release distribution service can often prove to be a futile and frustrating one. This because a large number of press release distribution companies is not available in the market. It can be confusing to understand which company provides the best services and will bring about the best results for your company. So here are the top three press release distribution services available to the public. Please read on to know more about them.

Linking News: Leading the market in press release distribution

Here are the Top 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services 1Linking News can be considered as the best press release distribution company that is available to the public at the moment. They’ve been in the field of press release distribution for a long time and have executed successful press release distribution campaigns. Linking News is a third-party press release distribution service and a PR agency, which dedicates its resources and abilities to provide the best press release distribution solutions to their clients. Over the years, they have understood the market thoroughly and created an atmosphere where they know the right action to obtain the appropriate results. Linking News is at the forefront of press release distribution, making them the correct choice for your press release distribution needs.

The first thing that strikes you about Linking News is the brilliant network that they have built. Linking News’s network is filled with the best media outlets and journalists that are available in the business, and because it’s so expansive, it covers almost every corner of the press release business, making them the undisputed kings in the business. The network of Linking News also knows how to handle their clients’ press releases, getting them the best placements and the best possible results from the press release campaign that they have selected. Over 330,000 publications, 900,000 journalists, and 90 million social media influencers around the globe are part of Linking News. This huge network can get the clients’ press releases the highest amount of exposure and quality treatment. However, Linking News does not only reach the local market but enjoys impressive popularity, even in global markets. This quality is hugely beneficial for companies who are looking for a larger pool of audiences to target, market their products, services, and influence them to become loyal customers. The network of Linking News is well-equipped to provide you with such global exposure, which is made possible with the help of around 2,000 media outlets. Linking News also contains some of the biggest names in the business, such as ABC, NBC, FOX, USA Today, Benzinga, MarketWatch. These platforms have frequent traffic, which makes Linking News the perfect platform for any company to distribute their press releases on. Any company would be able to take advantage of this brilliant network and get their press releases viewed by a lot of people. Moreover, getting your press releases distributed over such platforms also provides your company with great authority and credibility since these platforms are widely trusted, and the press releases that are distributed are respected from the very beginning.

Linking News also understands how important it is to rank your websites on the top of search engines. The creation of backlinks on reputed platforms allows Linking News to help their clients increase SEO rankings and also grow organic traffic. As the backlinks are created on platforms that are frequently visited by a lot of people, a large number of these readers end up clicking on the backlinks and migrating to the official website of the client. This increases the organic traffic of the website, and as these links are placed in a reputed platform, it also increases the SEO ranking of these platforms. Moreover, Linking News also helps young entrepreneurs and PR agencies improve their skills in creating press releases, which will be read and liked by the audiences. Linking News has a number of press release templates and examples that can be freely downloaded from their official website and followed in order to perfect your press release writing skills.

Linking News’ best service is undoubtedly their White Label Press Release Distribution Plan. They have created this plan to help companies protect their press release distribution strategies from their competitors. As per the White Label Press Release Distribution plan, no press releases that get distributed by Linking News will bear the name of Linking News in any of their published copies. Moreover, Linking News promises not to publish these press releases on their official website, therefore, eliminating all chances of connections being drawn between the company and Linking News. Linking News also offers the Private Label Press Release Distribution Service to PR agencies and marketing agencies to help them distribute the press releases of their clients in an efficient manner. Although these companies take the help of Linking News to distribute the press releases of their own clients, they get to insert their own private labels in the press releases and, as a result, gain authority and credibility in front of their clients.

Globe Newswire: The company to choose for distributing corporate press releases

Here are the Top 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2If you are looking to distribute your corporate press releases or financial disclosures, then Globe Newswire is the company that you should select. Globe Newswire is one of the largest press release distribution companies in the entire world and has a network that is equally grand and big. Globe Newswire also provides the scope of distributing multimedia content through your press releases and has the scope of adding infographics, images, video, audio and even live streaming services with the press releases that you distribute through them. This company is a favorite amongst some of the top multinational companies in the world due to its impressive. Their teams of talented experts provide you with specific guidelines that will help your press release distribution strategy break records. Their success is due to their attempt to become an all-in-one PR service, and their efficiency and prowess can be judged from the top reviews that they get for their press release distribution services and the hassle-free app that they have developed, which allows their clients to access quick and easy press release notifications.

PR Newswire: Creating new standards in press release distribution

Here are the Top 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services 3If you are looking for a well-established and reputable press release distribution company, then PR Newswire is the company to choose. They have a global presence with around 35 offices distributed over 18 different companies. Their head office is located in Chicago, Illinois, and their network extends to around 3,000 different newsrooms. Timely updates and professional approach towards their work has made this company one of the best solutions for press release distribution, especially for clients who belong to a marketing or PR background. If your company has a significant budget for your PR strategies, then this company is the best bet, as they are well-equipped to handle large budgets and provide comprehensive services for the same. They provide comprehensive, detailed and timely reports, which is an added bonus for any company. Their team of experts analyzes your press release requirements and provides the best solutions that will help your company reach new heights. They are the provider of high-standard global platforms for distribution, which is the perfect choice for many public relations and public affairs officers if they desire to effectively engage with their target audiences.

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