5 Reasons Your Company Needs Link Building

When figuring out the best ways to increase traffic to your company’s website, it’s important to understand that the best solution will likely be a combination of many techniques. This is because a lot of methods for optimizing traffic work best in conjunction with each other, with each having their own benefits. However, if the work of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still new to you, it makes sense that you would want to focus on a method that will bring you the best results possible.

Out of all of the options for bringing more traffic to your website, perhaps none are as effective as link building. Link building refers to the practice of embedding links into the text of your website to increase the overall rankings of your site on search engine results. When setting up link building for the first time, you should know that there are two different types of approaches: internal and external. Internal link building refers to you putting links to other pages on your site, while external link building is when you put links to other websites on your pages.

There is a wide variety of benefits that result from having a link building solution. This is why we’ve compiled a list to give you 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Link Building:

#5. You’ll Go Above and Beyond Other Companies

Before you begin implementing a link building solution, it’s important to understand that you’re likely not the first company to employ such a practice. In fact, it’s best to assume that many competitors in your field have already implemented some form of link building strategy. However, the world of link building is constantly changing, meaning that entering the game later isn’t necessarily a negative thing. Not only will you have a proper link building strategy, but yours will also be more effective and advanced than others, putting you ahead of the competition.

#4. You’ll Make Allies

One of the benefits about external link building is that you’ll find other businesses that are related to yours. Though this might seem like a counterintuitive approach to business, it’s actually very helpful. By making allies with other businesses, you can get more external links to your site. Companies will notice that your site has linked to theirs on multiple occasions and then begin linking yours in their external link building, increasing the overall reputation of your site and reaching a broader audience.

A good way to approach this technique is to create a graphic that can be easily utilized by other websites, then reach out to them to see if they’ll link to it on their site. If you’re creating content that is universal and can be used for multiple different situations, you’ll have no problem reaching a larger audience!

#3. You Will Boost Your Numbers Offline

Though it might seem like link building and other SEO strategies are only beneficial to those wanting to increase their online sales, this isn’t necessarily the case. Because so many consumers learn about new products and companies through the internet nowadays, proper link building can be a great way to get more people interested in your product offline as well. If you attract a customer through link building that is impressed with your service, they might tell their friends in real life, giving you more customers overall.

#2. You’ll Get More Referrals

Referrals are the types of visitors that come to your website through another website that yours is linked to. This is important because it means that other people interested in similar topics are finding your work, giving your company a larger reach overall. This not only gives you more traffic, but also more customers in the long run!

A good analogy for thinking about this is to picture each link as being a door. By having as many doors as possible on your website, you can increase the amount of ways through which people can enter your website. This will connect you to communities you may not even be aware of, giving your content a wider reach and your audience more possibilities to get even more information on the topic your website focuses on. We have put this near the top of our list because it’s one of the most effective reasons as to why you should employ link building, increasing your overall reach and traffic!

#1. You’ll Hit the Top of the Search Engine Rankings

The main reason as to why companies will use link building is also the most important one: you’ll greatly increase your search engine rankings. Because many search engines gauge the validity of a website through how many others link to it, by putting more links in your website you can increase the chances of it being shown on higher result pages in search engines.

This value that determines the validity of your site is called SERP-if your website is linked to many times from other established websites, then your SERP will become much higher. Search engines such as Google determine the placement of a website in search results from its SERP score, making link building a direct strategy to getting your website more exposure. This is also one of the aspects of link building strategies that will likely never change, as companies are still developing new ways to increase one’s SERP score through link building. Google has also stated that links will remain an important part of their site’s algorithm!

Link building is an important technique to increasing the overall traffic directed to your company’s website. What did you think of our tips? Are there any methods you are particularly looking forward to trying? Any you’re already familiar with? Let us know what you think!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.