5 Different Gigs To Earn Supplemental Income Or Turn Into A Full-Time Job

The gig and freelance economies are very healthy to say the least with people earning supplemental income without having to leave the comfort of home in specific situations. There are still gigs where a person has to leave the house but today will focus on those gigs that can pay well per hour worked. The convenience of the job and fitting it into a current schedule is another factor that dictates which opportunities an individual could explore. The gig should be aligned with current skills a person has so for example if an editor at a website wanted to make more money, they would find writing gigs. The following are different gigs that can turn into a full-time job if a person chooses to do so.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is far easier now than ever before as finding companies online looking for content to be written by freelancers. There are numerous companies that scale their content marketing approaches with the content written by freelancers. There is no sacrifice on quality for some freelancers and they come at a much cheaper price than hiring a writer in-house. A writer will be able to do everything from website copy to blog posts for a digital marketing campaign a company is running. Quality work that is priced appropriately and delivered on time will garner a nice healthy list of clients needing content on a consistent basis. Scaling writing can be difficult without spending long hours but writing from the comfort of home and becoming more financially healthy cannot be beat in terms of convenience.

Flipping Homes

Flipping homes is an attractive way to earn money to many people with extra money to invest. This will take experience in project management if the individual does not have experience with home renovations. The book on flipping homes of which there are a few stress the importance of finding a contractor that can be trusted. The last thing a buyer wants to do is lose money on a project due to a contractor gouging prices for certain aspects of a project or its materials.

Contract Sales Position

People that are great at sales can honestly work 24 hours a day as all companies are looking for sales pros. Finding the right sales position with a good commission structure can allow a part-time salesperson to generate quite a bit of money. The individual has to avoid burnout though as they likely are involved in sales at their full-time job as salespeople want to sell as it gives them the chance for the largest income.

Selling insurance as an independent agent can be a great way to earn supplemental income. All people need insurance and independent agents can offer a myriad of plans from different companies while an agent paired with a company can only offer their company’s plans. The misconception that an agent from a company can offer more discounts is very false as the prices for these plans are set regardless of who is selling them.

Bartending On Nights And Weekends

Bartending nights and weekends can be a drain to a person’s energy so it is important to take this gig if it fits in a person’s current schedule. The best thing about bartending weekends is a person is not going to spend money while they are working so they are saving as well as earning at the same time. Finding a high volume bar is important as the more customers the more opportunities there are for tips. Having a few regulars that tip well can be income that a bartender relies on month after month.

As anyone can see earning extra money is possible so consider this if financial issue are constantly a source of stress. Supplemental income can be life changing and there is no excuse not to look into it further!

Melissa Thompson
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