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sturmgeist89 – Fatal Shooting at Finnish school, Oh kids will be kids

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I have to tell you folks that I never thought in a millions years that when I started doing my (Humor based) daily telegrams I would bump into so much sad news. Today, a kid opened fire in a school killing at least eight fellow students and injuring 10 others and himself.

Now, before this school shooting happened the kid posted his plans on Now, by the mere fact that our society has become rubberneckers, most of you will Google or do a Youtube search, and I don’t blame you. If you look up the screen name sturmgeist89, you will see this person posted more than a hand full of these videos. They are no longer available for viewing as I am sure they will be used for evidence. For what, you may wonder, because the kid, like all the others, decided to take his own life. His sentence has been given.

At one point, it was thought that the shooter might survive his gun shoot wound, but NO, we were not that lucky. Seems like only yesterday that the people on top of a rooftop taken pot shots at the people were. OLDER. You know distraught over thoughts two 4 letter words, work or love. Suicide was something that was done in the comfort of your own home. Not in the middle of a street!

Now things have changed, Kids are rampaging our schools, tying bombs to themselves in other countries, and the biggest problem is they are taking innocent people with them. I can spend a lifetime blaming Youtube or the Internet, the media, movies, TV – Name your poison! But I am not sure that would get much done. I did do a search under today’s shooter’s screen name on Youtube and I came up with a full page of angry rebellious expiration, this stuff makes the stuff you did back when you were a kid look like “Happy Days” the TV show. But it does not stop there, I continued to search for items similar to this young mans “Thoughts” and much to my surprise, there are tons of this type of “Creative Expression.” Kids making slates with words like kill, be killed, die, death, and no other way, matched up with music that sounds like the person using a cat as an instrument.

I don’t think we can tell our kids to go to their rooms anymore, or you’re just a kid you don’t understand. The truth is WE don’t understand anymore. Now, most folks will use this to get the gun thing back in the media spotlight. Because it is easier to blame the weapon then it is to blame the person using it.

I am professional cowboy that throws a rope and spins a gun. And now, where else in the world is it safer than at a shooting event, ESPECIALLY the kids. They have knowledge of what they are holding and how it works. I won’t make this a gun thing, but I will tell you that I would rather face a person that knows what to do with a gun than a person that does not know which end is up.

I have a plan for this, it is the simplest plan I have, you won’t need guidance you won’t money, here it is. TALK to your kids, No excuses, TURN OFF THE TV and TALK. Ok my comments are short so you have time left over to TALK to your kids.

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Source: The Student Operated Press

Will Roberts
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