U. S. Senator David Vitter Should Not Be Reelected, He Should Be Investigated!

Especially because U. S. Senator David Vitter is seeking reelection to Congress, he should be made accountable. Also, Vitter’s ‘apology’ to his wife and his god does not translate into ‘end of story’, despite his supporters’ demand that the public overlook what is said to be previous conduct with prostitutes. Certain issues surrounding David Vitter ought not escape contemplation:

1. Vitter has an obnoxious habit of distracting attention or distracting the discussion away from himself, to anything or anyone else. In his recent response to a complaint that Rep. Charlie Melancon sent to the Senate Ethics Committee calling for an investigation of Vitter, Vitter’s insipid deflective replies were about: (a) the NFL and ‘who dat’; and (b) Melancon’s lack of filing a complaint about use of an eagle seal by President Barak Obama. It would be helpful for Vitter if he ceased behaving as though he can out think people. And his accusing his opponent of being arrogant is laughable considering Vitter’s arrogance and repugnance during his ‘blue slip’ contest with Senator Mary Landrieu over those federal judge appointments.

2. A public official’s behavior of illicit activity requires sneaking around; and there will be others who know it. Therefore, it is almost impossible to escape buying silence with hush money, political favors, job positions, perks, junkets, and who-knows-what. For such slipping and sliding -even if Vitter claims his own money was used, he was automatically compelled to give gifts that keep on giving.

3. It is unrealistic to imply that the citizens of Louisiana do not receive the tabs when politicians engage in dark secrets. Even if money does not change hands, there’s always pork barrel awards; or people more tenured or qualified don’t receive job positions because rewards go to persons who keep silent about what they know. Then there’s expenses for sham investigations, wire taps, etc., (which unjustly encompasses innocent people) -a high plausibility that certain Vitter associates supply data on people that encourages / ensures compliance with tainted politics. Considering specific ominous information about the U. S. Attorney in Baton Rouge, David Dugas (whom Vitter dogmatically tried to get appointed as a federal judge), gifts from Vitter may not be so easy to detect.

4. Vitter’s indiscretions would cause him to miss certain Congressional hearings and fail to vote on certain bills that were presented on the floor. During the DC Madam scandal, some reports were that only a few of the 100 members of the US Senate had missed as many votes as Vitter.

5. The State of Louisiana is engulfed poverty, violence, and health deficit conditions. The majority of people who voice their support for Vitter are either wealthy or have well-established livelihoods, or well-connected; they are not directly affected by social-economics. Even after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina exposed Louisiana’s conditions, and people outside of Louisiana discussed and offered remedies; nothing was heard from Vitter that was of direct benefit for disadvantaged people.

6. In light of the dismaying reality that none of Louisiana’s attorney generals have bothered addressing appalling Consumer Law abuses (a major factor in violence, poverty, and broken households); and in light of the reality that outrageous Louisiana judicial corruption in federal and civil courts has crushed people, destroyed lives and businesses, Vitter’s primary efforts have been to get his allies -like U.S. Attorney Jim Letten (whose actions helped federal Judge Thomas Porteous escape the fate of others in Operation Wrinkled Robe scandal who went to jail) appointed as U.S. Attorneys and federal judges. However, if similarly, Vitter had put forth effort toward addressing underlying factors of poverty, illiteracy, substance abuse, and domestic violence, Vitter might have implemented measures that would benefit all Louisianians, as well as expand Louisiana budget.

7. Vitter’s professed Christian values does not seem to extend to use of his public office to impact Louisiana’s troubled social conditions. Even for people who don’t adhere to biblical precepts, the following poignant verses from the book of Proverbs makes complete sense: “Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord? or lest I be poor, and steal.” The point being, Louisiana does not need long term politicians whose performance demonstrates a primary agenda to place personal acquaintances in public offices, but little or no agenda that would improve social conditions for disadvantaged people.

8. Prostitution doesn’t cease to be against the law because of apologizing to spouse and a god. And, it is impossible that some form of racketeering does not occur in order to maintain hush-hush conduct. Thus, Vitter’s office should have been -and still should be search, like convicted former U. S. Congressman, (dollar bill) Bill Jefferson’s. Also, Vitter’s wife, attorney Wendy Vitter’s overlooking her husband’s conduct (she did not carry out her “Lorena Bobbit” threat), conveys she was not much injured by any offense to the Vitter marriage vows (and that’s her business). All the same, it’s not inconceivable that she might receive or has received satisfying ruling from certain irrefutably corrupt Louisiana courtroom judges. On the other hand, the people of Louisiana definitely were -and continue to be injured because Vitter’s activities compelled purchasing silence from people who know enough about Vitter to use that information against him, as well as unjustly further their political careers.