Things Never To Do After a Truck Accident

Few things are more frightening, stressful and upsetting than being involved in a truck accident. Even if the damage to the vehicle is minimal and one is able to emerge unscathed, dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident can take months – if not longer. As such, the absolute last thing to do is make a bad situation even worse. Regardless of how blameless one is in the matter, making the following mistakes can make obtaining the compensation for the loss considerably more difficult.

truck accident
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Leaving the Scene Ahead of the Police’s Arrival

Leaving the scene of an accident before the police arrive isn’t going to bode well for one’s case. Even if they are completely blameless, prematurely leaving the scene creates the impression of guilt. Furthermore, if the responsible party remains on the scene, they’ll have a good chance to paint themselves as innocent and shape the narrative surrounding the accident. As such, it’s never a good idea to leave before the police or emergency services arrive. In addition to hurting their odds of restitution, such behavior may even land them in legal trouble.

Not Making the Police Aware of the Truck Accident

In many states, motorists are legally required to bring any accident that results in property damage or injury to the attention of police, and in failing to do so, may technically be committing a crime. So, no matter how badly one wants to put the accident behind them or how much of a hurry they’re in, they’ll need to alert law enforcement. A police report helps ensure that there’s a record of the accident and can serve them well when filing a claim with their insurer or taking legal action against the responsible party.

Not Documenting Damages

One of the first things to do in the wake of an accident is document any injuries the driver or the passengers have incurred, as well as any damage caused to the vehicle. As is the case with police reports, photographic evidence can prove useful in the efforts to obtain restitution. So, provided one’s able to do so without placing their safety at risk or exacerbating any injuries, they should make sure to promptly photograph any personal injuries or vehicle damage that resulted from the accident.

Not Alerting the Insurer

No matter how nice or persuasive the responsible party is, one should never allow them to talk one out of alerting their insurance company. Even if this person promises to cover the repair bills and medical costs, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually follow through. Furthermore, attempting to file an accident claim with one’s insurer long after the fact can mean there’s a good chance that the claim will be met with extreme scrutiny. While the desire to avoid dealing with insurance companies is understandable, there’s no benefit to keeping accidents a secret from one’s insurer, especially when the accidents are not one’s fault.

Getting into an Altercation

Unsurprisingly, tempers can run hot in the wake of a truck accident. And while it’s natural to be upset about the accident, it’s best to avoid getting into a physical or verbal altercation with the responsible party. This person may be just as angry about the accident and believe they have nothing to lose by having a heated exchange, especially since the altercation may serve to muddy the waters surrounding who’s responsible for the accident.

Not Contacting an Attorney

To take legal action against the responsible party or when being given the runaround by insurance companies, it’s best to reach out to a good attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will help obtain compensation in an expedient, low-stress manner and make the whole process seem considerably less overwhelming. Truck accident victims based out of the Mile High City should have no trouble finding a dependable Denver truck accident lawyer.

Being the victim of a truck accident is liable to cause one a considerable amount of stress. In addition to attending to personal injuries and dealing with vehicle repairs, many accident victims spend months trying to obtain appropriate restitution. Unfortunately, a number of common mistakes can make navigating the aftermath of a truck accident even harder. So, in the interest of obtaining due compensation in a timely and low-stress manner, all truck accident victims should heed the advice outlined above.