Religion And The Obama-Biden Administration

Along the highway (or sometimes jungle?) of life, what can make one’s travel heartwarming is seeing and hearing pleasant things -even pleasant information. That happens for me when it comes to televised interviews. Interviews are usually stimulating, and some of them are refreshing -otherwise they would not be airing them to get TV ratings.

I would not gain the same results (nor might I even be interested in watching an entire interview of Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians) that I would from watching an interview with Denzel and Pauletta Washington, or singer / actress, Barbara Cook. At best, for a moment, the first two could be stimulating, but I would acquire more enhancement from viewing the others.

As it pertains to religion, in this era, we can refer to ourselves by one denomination, organization, or religious group, but it provides little insight about our convictions, predilections, or even our doctrine. Religions now have variations of other religions; and without careful, lengthy observation, it is not easy to identify what is someone’s religion. Also, despite what we profess, because human beings are fallen creatures, we sometimes fall short of our beliefs.

What refreshes my secular life (aside from the behavior expected in church and religious settings), is hearing about people’s performances that make the world a better place. And while I highly esteem, applaud, and appreciate the labor of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, it blesses my heart to know about people ‘in high places’ who consider and do things for the “lesser people.” In this context, the Obama Administration applies.

Repeatedly, I have heard televised interviews, particularly with Michelle Obama, that have been enriching for me to know that her husband sometimes reads people’s letters late into the a.m. It blesses me to hear her say that her children ask their father, our President (I’m paraphrasing because I remember the spirit of what she and her husband said – if not the exact words) about social conditions such as unemployment, and what can he do to resolve this or that. Indeed, she could be just saying that for television, but it’s still heartwarming to hear about good things, rather than hear about bad things.

Also, what statements like hers can do is motivate people to have similar discussions at their dinner tables! It’s not so much whether she was truthful – which I believe her, but the seeds sown were wholesome. They were thoughts that can cause people to recognize how to think and what to think as it pertains to people OTHER than themselves. (For me, that is music to my ears!) Personally, it blesses me that the Obama children don’t sit around gossiping, holding people in derision – scoffing at people’s problems like so many of today’s youth can be overheard doing! My teeth would be smacked out of my mouth (and so would my children) if any adult heard me scorn, bully people like church-going religious youth do! (Unfortunately, most of them learn at home that derision and snobbery is acceptable.)

Emphatically, I am impressed, I stand as a cheerleader, (aged) trumpeting the Obama children for NOT being self-serving children – most of which are all I come in contact! (I held up my cellphone to read a text message, and I heard a youth yell out: ‘she took a picture of me’ – as if she were that important. You should have seen the adults rally around the poor, assaulted youth whom I supposedly hurt by holding up my own cell phone.)

I further applaud the Obama children for not waiting to ambush their father to get him to buy this or that gadget, or new outfit. I am sure that they ask their parents for things, but it is obvious that their parents have restraints!

I applaud the Obama parents for refraining from bestowing upon their daughters materialism! I could go and on and on!

In other words – in this society of religiosity, narcissistic televangelists who are demolishing true religion with: materialism; self-servingness; what’s in it for me? / what you can do to make MY life better; you’re not a significant church member unless you’re a large contributor, or you know the ‘right’ social people – it is difficult to recognize my own religion! Consequently, whatever is President Obama’s religion, his offspring manifest respectable values!

Additionally, from televised interviews I’ve learned about how Vice President Joe Biden’s wife is yet a public teacher; and long before I knew about Jill, I was aware that Beau Biden (their son) confronts mortgage fraud – of which I also have been challenging since 2004 – and I’ve encountered horrific reprisal.

In addition to those things, the merciful and much needed outreach that Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have been bestowing upon Military families is widely known.

Not even their marriages are selfish! A consistent pattern of conduct in both the Obama and the Biden families since taking office illustrates that they give of themselves to serve people; and as much as they possibly can, they share their lives and their hearts with the public! The public isn’t treated like “outsiders” or peons.

Moreover, regardless of the critics concerning Michelle’s attire (you go my sister!), her bare arms, and other pointless criticism, the facts are, that this Presidential Administration helps people! lesser people! This administration models for America what values and convictions – in a word, “religion” ought to resemble!

Further, I see evidence of the Robinsons (Michelle’s family), the President’s immediate family, and the Biden family engaged in social justice and outreach to people like you and me – people who can never return the favor.

I do not see that all the time they are wining & dining diplomats; nor do I see news reports of the Obamas always having meets & greets with the rich & famous. Nope. I hear and read about them blending in with the average people – including the recent event when that Florida Pizza Owner picked up President Obama in a bear hug. Also, I even see that – after knock-down, drag out election contentions involving Hillary Clinton, our President had the good sense to see the qualities Hillary possessed, and make her part of his administration.

Arguably, there have been disappointments as it pertains to what was hoped that our President would do to bring about changes that we desperately need in our nation. But only someone devoid of ability to reason would blame President Obama – in light of the foolish proclamation of Republican Congressmen who vowed they would ensure our President’s failure.

Only someone who intends to ignore the insurmountable odds that President Obama withstood – and yet remained resolved, courageous, and hopeful (of which very few of us would have even done!) would find cause to fault him. The salient fact, is that because President Barack Obama dares to face down such incredible opposition, he DESERVES to be our President – again! Moreover, President Barack Obama deserves endorsement from all Americans because he remains willing to do good to people who like him and those who don’t – by the way, true religion.

Wherefore, rather than asking: ‘What is the President’s religion? Automatically, this question ought to first come to questioners’ minds: ‘What do the deeds of the Obama Administration – inclusive of their offspring, in comparison to my own, portray?

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