Raw Confusion Uncut: A Slice of My Mind in the Misty Croslin Saga!

WARNING: This is not a news report! It’s a stream-of-consciousness outpouring that attempts to capsulate portions or fragments of the ‘Haleigh Cummings’ Homicide Case.’ Like Misty’s multiple lies, some of it is truthful, but some of it is the figment of an over-active imagination. I’ll let you the reader sort out what is fact and what is fiction. I’m not able to achieve that lofty goal from my own private investigations of this zany case.

Faded contours of the truth gradually clear. Between the lies tiny specks of reality gleam forth. A brick props a back trailer door when a 911 call is made. Cinder blocks were on Misty’s mind on February 10, 2009. Return to the scene of the crime. The St. Johns River. An isolated boat ramp on Shell Harbour Road. Tommy throws deer carcasses from this spot into the river. A kind of sport. Now detectives show Misty bones.

Killers know that alligators will devour any flesh thrown their way. Evidence gone. But police retrieve two cinder blocks from the muddy waters. Were these bricks a plague on Misty’s mind? Were they symbols of guilt that weighed on Misty’s conscience? Why did Tommy crack on the 11th, and spill his guts to Grandma Flo? Just cuz he flunks a polygraph test, don’t mean he aint tellin’ the truth, part-way?

Misty calls Flo 15 minutes later. Is she still lying when she points the finger at cousin Joe? How did she know where to point X marks the spot in the murky river of St. Johns? Flo believes that Misty was in the van that night. Art Harris of The Bald Truth has just reported that Misty was taken out of the St. John’s County Jail again. Last Friday Misty was put in a squad car; transported to the grizzly crime scene and shown human bones, possible of little Haleigh Cummings.

Tommy Croslin and Misty Croslin road together in a squad car from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office back to their jail in St. Augustine. This was a clever ploy by detectives to elicit an emotional reaction out of brother and sister, united for the first time since their drug bust back in January. You can bet your life tape recorders were rolling. Apparently Misty showed some kind of emotion, won’t claim it was “an excited utterance” though. (artharris.com-Exclusive: Cops Show Misty Croslin The Bones!-4/20/2010)

“Purple Haze all around, don’t know if I’m comin’ up or down. Am I happy or in misery? Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me.” If I write about art or music no one will care. Misty has put a spell on the media and people want to hear that dainty girl lie through her teeth and cry like a baby to the cameras. She holds the power; she has the key to your door. Her dreams must be frightening nightmares. Misty makes a pack with the devil for fame everlasting.

“Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?” Joe jumps up out of bed with his clothes still on. How odd is this? Very. Chelsea Croslin had just received a call that Haleigh was missing. Don’t have the ‘blue van’ account straight in my head yet. Chelsea notices that the keys had been moved from where she’d left them on the kitchen table the day before. The van was also moved to a new location in her driveway.

But was it Joe that had taken the van out on a joy ride the night before, or was it Tommy Croslin who had taken it for a ride? Or did they ride in the van together? What phone calls came in and went out from Chelsea Croslin’s house, to Ron Cummings or Tommy’s house (or cell phone)? This would suggest corroboration between Tommy and Joe. And what do you make of the two types of yellow rope that were missing from the blue van, the day after?

“Move over rover and let Jimi take over.” A subconscious thought that’s hard to wrap your mind around, but all are thinking’ out loud, will purge a demon, let it fly out through the air. The scene is coming into focus. Most horrible! Oh most gruesome to behold: out of Shakespeare, Lady MacBeth utters, “Out damned spot!” Murder most foul! A ‘CONSPIRACY OF THREE’ throw the lifeless body of little Haleigh Cummings to the swift currents of the St. Johns River, directly into the chompin’ jaws of scores of ravenous alligators. With our technology, we see all things right before our very eyes.

Haleigh Cummings
The unthinkable is true! Little Haleigh was tossed in the St. Johns River by her killers, only to be devoured by ravenous alligators.

Don’t blame Flora Hollars. Did what she had to do. Good citizen. Had to bust her own kin. Bad blood, or maybe it was just the drugs made em do it. Or was it an accident? Did Misty hit the child in a fit of rage? Did she slip her oxycontin to hush her up? “It was a brick, brick on the floor.” “Stone free to do as I please.” Flo says her behavior was odd when she visits her in Tennessee. Says that Joe was sullen and changed, taciturn when returning from Florida.

Flo says: “If Tommy says anything he’d come down there, bring a gun and kill his whole family.” Joe seems like a crazy kid. Haven’t heard all the details of his juvenile record yet. Flo says car theft is part of it. Haven’t heard of sexual-related charges yet? Scary photo of Joe on My Space page holding a Beretta up, threatening and bad-ass like. Crazy kid, but cooled down when with his attorney, Shawn Sirgo.

Most chilling of all. Joe liked to throw deer meat into the waters and witness the Gator’s devour the food in a split second. Joe would stand at the very spot where authorities believe the unspeakable crime took place. According to Ron, “All of a sudden, there were a hundred eyes that popped out of the water, and Joe said, ‘This would be a good place to get rid of a body.'” (ArtHarris.com-ibid)

Flo believes all three were involved. She even thinks Ron has known all along. Ron knew Misty had been on a three day drug and sex binge. She was strung out. Didn’t want to have to babysit little Haleigh. An argument ensues. Forced to babysit. Does she go crazy and hit the child? Did Ron marry her to set her up for a fall? Did he sell drugs to frame her for a ride to jail, then she’d crack? Suspect Ron’s not that smart.

Ron Cummings trailer home
It’s still unclear exactly what transpired here on the night of Feb. 9th, 2009? But through the foggy thick of Misty’s lies, the contours of TRUTH slowly emerge.

Will forensic anthropologists positively identify the bones of this precious child by way of DNA samples provided by the parents? Are funeral plans already being made for the child? How can Ron get out of jail to attend such a funeral? A favor of grace may be extended for the poor grieving father, who plays out in the press a victim of circumstances beyond his control. One still cannot understand why he’d go and sell drugs after his daughter was abducted and missing? Maybe he was going underground…

“Foxy Lady, we’re comin’ to get you.” Five polygraph tests failed. Tommy and Misty. What’s up with the Rasta-Locks of Misty on the eve of her drug bust? Why does Nancy Grace present the case so poetically, with rapid unrelated footage clipped together, as if it fits together? Suggestion! I don’t have a clue! Summary of events? Not really. Why does the local media let CNN take over their story. They’re getting their info from CNN and Art Harris. What’s up? LOCAL NEWS IS DEAD! Should you believe yourself or just let CNN take control of your brain.

“People are startin to talk.” News is fragments now. Scrambled eggs. No more. Bones were shown. But things are still unclear. How can the police tie this all together? “Shock her into revelation.” Satsuma’s a madhouse. Crawlin’ with small time want a be reporters, trying to make a name for themselves. Misty’s a Femme Fatale, like a Tiger mistress turned sex counselor, fame won’t go away. People love to watch her lie. If case is solved will Nancy fold, will Misty get her own show? Probably.

Fold into dust. Go away Ron, Misty, Tommy and Joe. Leave us alone. Take your nightmare to the river. Will Flo get her own show? Money Maker. Cash machine. True Crime is the NEW ROCK ‘N’ ROLL! Good bye Chuck Berry. So long Bill Hailey. Hello bones and remains. Hello Anne Rule. Remember Farrah Fawcett in Small Sacrifices? $35,000 reward leading to the arrest of the killers. Should go to Flo.

Now the images are blurring. Are we further from the truth then ever? Intuit it. It won’t come. No closure. Will clam up. Silence of the Lambs. Make a case. “They are busted.” Don’t know Tommy’s role. Totally fuzzy about Joe. Misty can lie tell the end of time. Her lies are poetry to a dumbfounded public. A teeny Sappho on the dark side of the bridge (moon). “If someone had something to do with it, let em fry!” Ron says this as if he knows. Unclear. Cognizance of Misty’s role? Spill the beans, spill the beans!

Excited utterances, spontaneous outbursts that can be used by the prosecution to nail the culprits. A ‘Conspiracy of Three,’ but all have different tales to tell. “The child was already deceased when the van went to the trailer.” Leonard Padilla doesn’t think Joe left with the van. Tending to this theory. Cadaver dog scented dumpster. Was the body taken out by the Step-Mother, then disposed of down to the river?

Ron calls the trailer 8 times, but Misty never answers. Joe is home sleeping soundly. Tommy sneaks the blue van and picks up Misty. They take the body down to…nonpayment for drugs, Ron took gun from trailer so Joe couldn’t get his money for drugs taken. He kills Haleigh and makes them dispose of the body. Don’t buy this, but can’t bleep Joe out of this fuzzy picture. Why did he have all his clothes on anyhow when Chelsea got that call?

Bad Juju. Why did Ron put a DEAD RAT in Tommy’s mail box last summer. Nancy does not believe Ron was involved. Many people do believe he has some complicity. Is he any more convincing than Misty when he cries like a baby? Maybe these are Crocodile Tears? Do you think we’ll ever know exactly what happened? I don’t. That unwinds the media and puts them out of business. That won’t happen. (I ainta gonna edit it or change it ’round none, I don’t care…don’t give a hoot if you read it or not. I need some coffee…don’t want no more Misty moods of murder and mayhem…)