Rand Paul Hires Personal Injury Lawyer Over Neighbor Attack

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) has been a colorful and often controversial character for all of his political career, a reputation that was even partially set up for him at a young age thanks to his father Ron Paul, an equally flamboyant character. So, when news reports began trickling in that Senator Rand had apparently been attacked by his neighbor all kinds of theories were flying around about how the attack could be related to his political positions. However, as it turned out the altercation, which left Paul with several fractured ribs, may have been over something far more mundane; an argument over his landscaping choices.

According to the Senator’s neighbors in the upscale Rivergreen community in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where the he lives, Paul has long made a habit of violating the community rules – and annoying his neighbors – with his gardening habits. Very much not in keeping with the ‘luxury’ image of the gated development, which is populated with swanky, million-dollar homes, Paul grows pumpkins, maintains a large compost heap, and has planted a number of mature trees that, neighbors told Newsweek, overhang the property of his attacker, next-door neighbor Rene Boucher.

According to that source, board member Jim Skaggs, speaking to the Louisville Courier Journal, Senator Paul has never been very good at following the rules; “He wanted to actually own the property rights and build any kind of house he wanted. He didn’t end up doing that, but it was a struggle.” The neighbors did not, however, know of any particular ongoing feud between Paul and Bouche, a man known to be a registered Democrat but not particularly active politically.

Although his office has made no official comment it is now rumored that Senator Rand will be using a lawyer for personal injury to file a lawsuit against his longtime neighbor. This is bad news for Boucher, who is already facing misdemeanor assault charges that may be a little more serious than usual as attacking a member of Congress is a Federal crime. As it currently stands he faces up to a year in prison and fines of up to $500. Should the Federal nature of the offence come into play the jail time Boucher faces increases to ten years.

Despite all of the speculation, Paul’s office says that the attack came out of the blue. According the official statement released to the press, the Senator and his neighbor had not spoken in some time and the attack was a surprise, and that “The first ‘conversation’ with the attacker came after Sen. Paul’s ribs were broken.”

Nevertheless, a Kentucky law firm has confirmed that Paul has retained their service. Like the attorneys of all sorts and specialities all over the country – for example, South Carolina car accident lawyers – Thomas N. Kerrick has a long history of representing plaintiffs in these kinds of cases. The company have not said, however, exactly what is the nature of their work for Senator Paul, who has since returned to his full duties in Congress.

Melissa Thompson
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