Public Condemnation: Kaine and Desiree Portray Terri as ‘Consummate Evil’!

Since June 4th all our lives have been pre-occupied by the missing second-grader case of Kyron Horman. This case has a dimensional depth that taxes our reasoning capabilities and demands our utmost inspection of every detail that comes into view.

Our search for answers requires an understanding of psychology and family relationships, as well as a canny eye for any twists and turns that might signal a derailing. There were enough twists and turns this week to make it resemble a roller coaster ride at the Texas State Fair.

The biological parents’ (Kaine Horman and Desiree Young) intimate Thursday interview on Good Morning America was both graphic and revelatory. A fragment of one statement (this comes from the restraining order that has since been made public) made by Kaine was profound and telling.

“The police have provided me with probable cause to believe the above two statements are true.”

To capsulate, those statements are, one: Kaine’s strong belief that Terri Horman, his estranged wife, was involved in his son Kyron’s disappearance. And two: that Terri also tried to hire a hit-man to murder him (Kaine).

Implied in Kaine’s ‘probable cause’ statement, is that he received enough information from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to recognize they have a solid case against Terri. This is what I glean from this newly released document.

But is this a stretch? What possible physical evidence do they have on Terri? Do they have enough to arrest her? I doubt it. The cops are using the media and the parents to apply emotional and psychological pressure on Terri, hoping she will confess.

“This gal seems to have anti-freeze in her veins.” Terri is tough and will not crack. Even the parents don’t believe that Terri will ever break. They must be in the know about her leathery hide that just won’t crack up.

kaine and desiree epiphany
This is the very moment of epiphany in the Good Morning America interview on Thursday, when Kaine and Desiree looked at one another, and stated their belief that Terri was complicit in the kidnapping of Kyron and that she had help in the crime.

The first thing I thought of when watching Kaine and Desiree on Thursday, was the FBI broadcasting on loudspeakers of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walking-in the middle of the night at Mount Karmel. Kaine and Desiree are tossing lethal teargas canisters (figuratively) into the remote Portland household of Terri Moulton Horman.

But the estranged couple are rewinding the tape and magnifying events in the past; then they are recasting events in a sinister light. Now Terri is seen as role-playing, a very cunning actress who had malice in her heart all along for both Kaine and Desiree. The bit about the ‘post-partum depression’ was but a blip on the radar screen.

Desiree Young
A grief stricken mother, Desiree Young, speaks out against the stepmother, Terri Horman, in the disappearance of her son Kyron. Desiree was completely fooled by Terri. Have you ever been with someone that can disguise and put on that face that you can’t see what they’re thinking or feeling?

“Have you ever been with someone that can disguise and put on that face that you can’t see what they’re thinking or feeling? That’s what it’s like.”

In other words, Terri completely tricked Desiree. Terri must be the greatest actress ever since Betty Davis ruled the silver screen! But no joking, it’s vastly odd to me that Terri would take over Desiree’s old husband, and they would still be the best of friends. What’s even weirder is the fact that she’d let Terri bring up her precious little boy, Kyron.

I don’t mean to be cruel. It sounds like it just didn’t dawn on Desiree that Terri was up to something nefarious. And yet she also said that she was immediately suspicious of Terri when she called her on June 4th with the news that Kyron went missing from Skyline Elementary. Desiree said in this regard:

“There was just certain details that just didn’t make any sense that gave me that sick to my stomach feeling.” D. Young says further: “She hasn’t told the truth for seven and a half years that I have known her.” That tells me that Desiree was ‘on to Terri’ earlier on. Not to make her feel any guiltier than she already feels, but perhaps she should have acted on her suspicions sooner.

And Kaine says that Terri’s behavior had been erratic after the birth of their daughter, but he never acted either on these apprehensions held about her behavior. These two are being ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacks’ in this regard. These two are playing back the song on a better stereo.

They’re seeing and hearing things they never did before. Is this Terri the ‘Real Terri,’ or has a reconstruction occurred, with the police and the media making contributions as script writers? Good writers too, Terri’s beginning to look like the Jealous Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

A turning point of epiphany in the Thursday ‘skull session’ was when D and K expressed their belief that Terri had help in the kidnapping of their seven-year-old son, Kyron. A reporter asked them “Do you think she did it alone?” Desiree’s response was:

“I don’t think so, because honestly she didn’t take out a contract on her husband alone, so I think she would probably need help.” Right when Desiree says this, the dynamic, the furtive glance, between the misbegotten parents is nothing short of a revelation. It’s as if the two have thought through this theory of Terri conspiring with another party in Kyron’s disappearance.

A fabric of guilt is woven right in the public eye. But nothing solid is provided. True, Terri did leave right in the middle of her first polygraph test. Yes, this is suspicious. But no actual facts have been put forth yet, by either the police or the parents, that would prove definitively that Terri is guilty of Kyron’s kidnapping.

Instead, what we are left with, is that this lady was an incredible actress who completely fooled K and D for more than seven years, leading them to believe that she had their best interests at heart. The portrait that now emerges is one of consummate evil. Cunning and forethought to cut them up.

Terri is portrayed as a ‘pathological narcissist,’ who once she lost the center of gravity, once she failed to be an object of everyone’s attention and affection, strikes out like a deadly cobra and bites her prey. I need something more concrete than this.