Marijuana Grow Discovered in Inaccessible Area of Folsom

A California Highway Patrol helicopter crew discovered around 100 marijuana plants growing in an area of Folsom close to the bike trail today.

Folsom PD Public Information Officer Jason Browning told FolsomLocalNews the crop was the third one found in the past four years, in that general area.

This time, it was between Glenn drive and Willow Creek.

The crops are hard to see, even from the air, because the areas are generally inacessible, because they are covered with poison oak and blackberries.

Officer Browning said the growers often leave someone camped nearby to protect the plants and there could be booby traps in the area. The likelihood of hikers and cyclists walking into the ares is probably low because of the inhospitable flora.

As soon as the Police Department discovers such a crop, they want to remove it, not only because it is ilegal, but because it poses a danger to locals and visitors.

Folsom Local News thanks Univision reporter Pamela Diaz for asking the lead questions.

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