‘Divorce Solutions San Diego’ Finds a Way to Achieve Divorce With No Conflicts

Over the past few months we have been delving into a company that is all about respect! “Divorce Solutions San Diego’ has made it possible in this world to get through a horrific time in life – divorce. They have been able to create a process that allows the whole family a way to move on with dignity, and offers the strength and determination needed to raise your kids happily and in a kind environment.

Many people forget how their actions, reactions, and language affect their children, and “co-parenting” can become a very difficult problem for parents who are already carrying emotions like anger and pain within their hearts.

We have spoken about the “Divorce Solutions San Diego” ‘divorce mediation model’ that has not only been proven to work, but has also been proven to be the most calm – most positive – resolution to divorce that a person can possibly find. The system they have built allows people to maximize assets, empower children, and transition effectively. And the satisfaction that “Divorce Solutions San Diego” provides to their clients is amazing, seeing as that they are the most diligent and caring company who face divorce head-on and take care of their clients.

One of the major issues that appear during a divorce, is the question of co-parenting. After a divorce, the role of spouse ends – but the role of parent always continues, and that is what must be learned well BEFORE the divorce is in its final stages. People really need to ask themselves ahead of time, when they have come to the conclusion that their marriage can not be saved, how involved they wish to be in their child’s life. They also need to sit down and explore every facet of the relationship they will HAVE to maintain with their ex; they need to know if they can get along with their former spouse enough to be able to work through parenting issues. And, if not, how they are going to make that relationship a calm one so that the children will not be negatively affected.

Co-parenting means what it says – coordinated, cooperative, and coworkers – a system where both parents must play an active and much-needed role in their children’s day to day lives. The key to the success of co-parenting arrangements is how well the parents function. It is also good to understand that what works best for some single parents may not work well for others; therefore, speaking with single parents and learning their ideas can seriously help for the future.

Both parents and children need effective ways to communicate with each other. Children always need to feel that sense of stability, and if the parents are kind and find a way to “meet on even ground,” then the children are less likely to feel divided loyalties, abandoned, or that they have to meet the social and emotional needs of their parents.

In every instance of separation or divorce, parents need to recognize the sheer importance of finishing what they started…raising their children. And, if at all possible, the children need to benefit from the guidance and love of both parents. Separation and divorce are certainly difficult times for most children, BUT they tend to adjust to divorce much more smoothly when they have a good relationship with both parents, and when both parents stay away from the arguing, name-calling and other “childish” actions.

As everyone knows, and as we have spoken about in the past, the institution of marriage is still highly regarded in our society, and should be. Marriage is that ultimate promise to one another – the ultimate vow to live as ‘partner and friend’ for the rest of time. And one very important part of that vow is put to the test when a child is brought into the family. A child is not ‘part’ of a divorce; they are not a possession to be metered out, nor does a parent simply stop being the protector and friend. Your child needs you to continue to do your job, offer that love and protection that you promised, and keep your vow to them.

“Divorce Solutions San Diego” is a very different vehicle in the world of divorce. This is not a company that was put together to offer everyone yet another lawyer that is in it for the ‘quickie’ solution and the cash. The “Divorce Solutions San Diego” team is a staff made up of truly amazing and intelligent professionals who had enough of watching families torn apart by divorce. They are not only people who offer guidance, information, resources, and data – they are the hand of a friend leading you through a very difficult time period in your life. They know how to speak with you about everything from spousal support to custody issues to how to deal with the subjects of debt and division of property.

“Divorce Solutions San Diego” brought the gift of “The Fairway ProcessTM” to the world of divorce. This is an “Independently Negotiated Resolution” – a new model that is shifting the painful divorce process to a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved.

While traditional divorce mediation and collaborative law have brought us this far, “The Fairway ProcessTM” is actually changing the way divorce happens and bringing it into a positive light that is fast becoming the preferred alternative. Why is this a win-win? Simply because “Divorce Solutions San Diego” has been able to find a way to achieve divorce with no conflicts. No-Conflict is the most amazing phrase that you could use when speaking about this situation. And, with No-Conflict, there remains a calm, peaceful environment for your children!

Matrimonial lawyers are brought in to educate divorcing couples independently during the *What is the LawTM Seminar *step; and lawyers are retained by the clients during the final step to ensure that the clients get *independent legal advice *and preparation of official legal papers. But “Divorce Solutions San Diego” adds something to all this – they encourage their clients to retain lawyers when legal advice is required, but they also offer kindness, and a program that easily resolves all facets of divorce.

“Divorce Solutions San Diego” keeps their promise to their client until the very end of the process, and is always there to provide materials, books, and the hand of a friend for your children, as well – to make sure they can understand, feel comfortable, and not become alienated during the process.

“Divorce Solutions San Diego” and “The Fairway ProcessTM” come together to make sure that there is a resolution EVERYONE can live with!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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