Car Accident Leads to $236,072 Lawsuit Victory For Wolcott Woman

A jury verdict of $236,072 was awarded to Noella Doucet, a 77-year old resident of Wolcott, who experienced neck injuries from a car accident four years prior.

The judgement found Scott Jameson, 59 years old, completely in at fault in the car accident. Jameson reportedly crashed into the rear-end of Doucet’s Lincoln while she was stopped for traffic ahead, and the court found him responsible for all damages and injuries involved.

The vehicle Jameson was driving during the accident was company property of Durable Radiator & Auto Body located in Waterbury. Both vehicles suffered damage from the accident.

Doucet was immediately sent to Waterbury Hospital to have her injuries treated, and Jameson was released with a verbal warning from police about traffic safety.

Doucet’s civil suit against Jameson was originally filed in 2015. The report made several claims against the defendant; including Jameson’s fault in the event, contributed to by the fact that he was speeding and not using appropriate spacing when making a stop.

Severe injuries to Doucet’s neck resulted in a cervical sprain and recurring headaches. Damage to her muscles, nerves, bones, ligaments, and joints was also reported.

The trial lasted a total of three days. With the help of auto accident lawyer, Marc Ubaldi, Associate with the Law Offices of Thomas E. Porzio. Doucet was able to secure a verdict which awarded her a total of $236,072.

All medical costs were covered by the verdict, totalling $130,447. Doucet’s injuries caused long hospital stays with expensive injections, and several appointments with psychical therapists, orthopedists, and neurologists.

Additional coverage of $45,625 for non-economic damages, and $60,000 for proceeding economic damages, as well as an additional $20,000 for three ablation treatments recommended in the future.

Jameson’s attorney, Larry Alder, of the Alder Law Group, presented doubts to the court over the course of this trial. Statements made by Doucet in the deposition claimed her tremors and exhaustion had ended, but a document was later filed by Doucet retracting those comments.

While injuries were persistent at the time of the accident, there is substantial proof that they had lessened over time.

The award amount has been attested, with Alder claiming it is “contrary to law and contrary to the evidence.” Alder’s hope is to lessen the jury’s previous award specifically concerning economic damages. The judge has not yet made a decision on the filed motion.