American Jailed For Hunting Osama Bin Laden

Gary Faulkner, 50, jailed in Pakistan after being stopped at the border, Pakistani Police said. He carried a sword, pistol, night vision equipment and Christian books, Police Chief Mumtaz Ahmed.

He informed authorities that he was looking for Bin Laden since September 11 attacks on Washington and New York. Also, he’d visited the area before, Ahmed declared.

Faulkner told police that he didn’t plan on killing Bin Laden, but they didn’t believe him due to the weapons he had, Ahmed continued.

The State Department, U.S., offers $25 million for information that would lead to Bin Laden’s arrest.

“My brother is not crazy,” Scott Faulkner, the brother of Gary Faulkner.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation, where Faulkner resides, has records showing criminal activity in Faulkner’s past.

P. J. Crowley, spokesman for the Washington State Department, confirmed that the Pakistanis informed the U. S. government about Faulkner’s arrest, but details can’t be exposed.