Zilla Makes Crowdsale Campaigns Less Complicated

ICOs continue to increase in number, and that is making things difficult for investors who need to verify, examine, and monitor startup and other enterprise information. Then again, businesses that are anxious to use crowdsales for their funding are finding it harder and harder to reach the right target audience.

These problems, on top of the burgeoning ICO offerings now available, are causing more difficulties for startups to receive the proper exposure for their projects, as well as making it harder to attract the right kind of investors. This means that new companies are spending an inordinate amount of time on aggressive promotion and marketing campaigns instead of concentrating on vital development projects.

That is where Zilla comes in. They are designed to help make the whole process much more accessible, more secure, and much easier to understand and handle. The Zilla platform serves as a secure gateway to cryptocurrency investors so they interact with ICOs without difficulty. The company also helps other companies to efficiently operate the campaigns for token sales.

In the same manner that platforms like Ant Financial and Etrade have made stock market investing more open to the layman investor, or Amazon and Alibaba have made it easier to purchase merchandise directly online, so Zilla opens up token crowdsales of ICOs for the general public — using a single, easy to use app.

And that’s not all. Zilla is preparing to become the first and foremost multi-language app; this is going to let the citizens of countries like China, Korea, and Japan, as well as English speakers, to pull up and examine crowdsale information in their own language. Zilla claims that no other app on the market can offer that same kind of international access at this time — for the most active overseas cryptocurrency markets. Financial experts have speculated that one of the drawbacks of new coin offerings right now is the complete lack of standardized and professional translation in those Asian languages where bitcoin and other crypto coins are doing business that is off the charts. A lack of knowledge of the English language is acting as somewhat of an anchor.

Zilla supplies investors with a large listing of thoroughly investigated ICOs. This data package includes all the necessary information for investors to make well-informed and confident choices of projects that appeal to their particular needs and goals. The ap also features a scoring system so that investors can critique ICOs — recommending those ICOs they like and giving a thumbs down on those they find unappealing. This real time tally lets every user see just which projects are becoming more popular and which ones are losing steam.

After months of intense preparation Zilla is now approved and available as an app at Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It is being powered by tokens from ZLA, which allows users to spend any way they like on the Zilla platform — that encompasses such things as participating in crowdsales and/or purchasing products online. ZLA is launched by Huobi, one of the most trusted digital exchanges in Beijing. They soon will be adding a second token, GD, that can also be used the same way.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.