World’s Top 10 Hottest Actresses of Our Time – Keira Knightley

The most beautiful actresses of our time not only bare their beauty on screen with their presence, but the living greats of our generation, which we here salute, also bare their soul. A great actor, like a great script, can make us laugh or cry. And these TOP 10 HOTTEST ACTRESSES OF OUR TIME made this elite list not only for their looks, but for their ability to move us in ways that only a great actor can; with their voice, their figure, their actions, and of course, with their face, and its every expression and nuance. While our industry is filled with plenty of amazingly talented and beautiful stars, these women are at the pinnacle, the forefront of greatness and all it embodies in Hollywood. They above all others are the reason why men and woman alike intrigue or obsess about Hollywood. They are Hollywood, in its greatest form.

Born to an actor father, and a playwright mother in the London burb or Richmond, England, young Keira reportedly asked for an agent at the age of three. At six, she was granted one, and the rest is history. By fifteen, she was doing roles mature for her age. At fourteen, she had appeared in ‘Star Wars Phantom Menace.’ ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ was her larger breakout role, yet ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ cemented her as a worldwide star. ‘Love Actually’ followed, along with others including ‘King Arthur,’ which would begin her lead and mastery of period films. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ wowed critics, and two more Pirates sequels followed.

With a perfect face and model proportions, Keira Knightley doesn’t hide her beauty. And far from it. She has appeared nude in many of her films, which she has stated is something she is more comfortable with than singing, which she did once for a film. Certainly, no one is complaining. Her films accumulatively have grossed over two billion dollars. “I don’t have a problem with my body. I’m not just going to strip off all my clothing, but if the part calls for it and I don’t think there’s any way round, I’m absolutely fine.” She states.

As if her beauty and sex appeal weren’t enough to make some women hate her guts, her quotes on her killer bod never helped matters. “I don’t do a thing to keep fit,” she stated, “I just cannot make myself work out. My abs are just luck – my mum has good ones so it’s a family trait.”

But more than a pretty face blessed with a perfect look, for those who had not seen her serious work, some may have doubted her ability. ‘Atonement’ shut any of her critics up, for which she received yet another Oscar nomination following ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ 2008’s ‘The Duchess’ again impressed her mark on the industry, with seven more films in which the twenty five year old stars, now in progress. Talented, beautiful as can be, and cool as ever, Keira Knightley is without question one of the TOP 10 HOTTEST ACTRESSES OF OUR TIME. Don’t miss the next eight, in no particular order, in our next issue, and our last pick, in our Archives section via the link below.

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