Why the Toy Industry Is a Lucrative Career Field

When someone is thinking about going into a new career, there are many fields to consider. He or she might have considered the toy industry and what opportunities there might be. The toy industry can be a great career field where a lot of money can be made, and a lot of lives can be touched all at the same time. It can be great as a first career or can be just as wonderful as a second career. There are many reasons why the toy industry is a lucrative field to get into.

All Kids Play with Toys

Toys are everywhere kids are. There are many children throughout the U.S., so naturally, there are many toys that they like to play with. Kids Toys can be great for sparking creativity, allowing for fun, and even for teaching important life skills. While there is also a lot of technology these days that kids like to play with, and the toy industry has had to compete with that, kids still play with toys on a daily basis.

The Toy Market is Constantly Changing

Kid’s toys have been around for a long time, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Kids are always asking for the newest toy on the market. In addition, kids will play with toys, get tired of them, and be looking to play with something new. There are new toys that have taken the world over, like the fidget spinner, which encourages other kids to ask for new toys. A constantly changing market also increases the chance of the market’s survival.

Sales Continue to Grow

According to The NPD Group, the toy industry’s sales are increasing instead of decreasing. In fact, in the first few months of 2017, the sales increased 3%, which might not seem like a whole lot, but it is. Any growth is reassuring that the industry is doing well. The NPD Group has also projected that in the last few months of 2017, there will be more of an increase. This can help a person beginning a new career because job security is important.

The Industry is Known for Being Resilient During Difficult Times

During difficult financial times, the toy industry has proven its resilience in the past. This can assure someone looking to begin a career in the toy industry that no matter what happens with the economy, the field has made it through before and will certainly make it through again. It can be scary to begin a new career in a field that tends to go under when the economy is bad, but with the history of the toy industry, that should not be a concern. Instead, the fact that research shows sales are increasing is more proof that the toy industry does well even during difficult times since the U.S. economy is still not where it should be.


Thinking about getting into a new career can be terrifying, but starting one that has a good track record, a large audience of consumers, and a market that is constantly changing, can really work to a professional’s benefit and help in a leading and lucrative career field.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.