Up Close and Personal With Social Media Expert Joel Comm

In the midst of covering some of the most prominent people of the business world, it is only fitting that the Denver Business Journal wrap their resources around a cover story profiling the #1 Influencer in the Marketing Sector, Joel Comm.

Joel has been developing strategic business plans and campaigns for high profile companies over a span of 18 years. These companies include, but are not limited to, Microsoft, IBM, and Twitter. His sustained marketing success by power of mobile applications is a tool that has yet to be duplicated and probably never will be.

As he influences the minds of the masses, the accolades continue to come his way as he will also be covered as the #3 Social Influencer in the State of Colorado. While being a successful business man himself, Joel understands the importance of all social media platforms as they relate to growing a successful business and unique marketing campaign.

joel comm
Joel Comm

Joel Comm is an internationally known speaker who always seeks to inspire and educate his audiences on the benefits and secrets of social media. His vast experience and note-worthy expertise make him the perfect personality to profile and include as a participant in a live, one hour Q & A Twitter chat to serve as a learning experience like no other.

This is your chance to get acquainted with the theories and ideas of a successful entrepreneur as he relates to the average working man. His journey started with only .87cents in his bank account and a book of ideas. Through determination and perseverance, Joel has proved that living the American Dream is possible, and now he is being recognized for it.

Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, New York Times Best Selling Author and social media extraordinaire. His expertise covers a wide range of topics anywhere from online business success to advertising secrets and social media promotion. Joel has garnered respect from his peers for his successful innovations based on the differences of not only what’s possible, but what’s doable too. This is evident based on his previous consultations and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, and Twitter, among several others.

Along with these accolades comes a mindset of determination and resiliency on the way to developing a style that people are willing to absorb. Joel has mastered the art of implementing strategic tools that are designed to create new media campaigns ready to make your business profits explode!