Trade24 Makes Bold New Steps Towards a Better Environment

In these days where global climate change isn’t so deniable because the evidence is pretty clear with far more regular extreme weather anomalies happening frequently, it is fair to say that the environment is a hot button issue for many people affected by the changes.

Trade24 Makes Move Into Virtual Reality

Not satisfied with its presence in offices in London, Paris, and Sydney, the company is extending the length of its grasp by using virtual technology.

The cost of flying personnel from Australia to Europe, coupled with the time involved to do so, is highly inefficient. The next evolution of voice over IP communication and virtual reality is the use of virtual reality glasses to conduct real meetings between work colleagues in their offices across two continents without needing to go to an airport and travel to do so.

Reduced Number of International Flights Means Lower Carbon Emissions

For a company that cares a great deal about helping those less fortunate and reducing the damage to the environment, simply cutting down on the flights within Europe or from the Asia-Pacific region over to Europe is likely to reduce the carbon footprint considerably for the Trade24 business.

Multiply that cumulative effect over months and years that the virtual reality glasses can be put to good use and the carbon savings begin to make a real difference to the environment in avoiding further damage to the ozone layer.

Testing Phase for Virtual Reality Glasses Pilot Programme

The testing phase for the virtual reality conferences is under way. It is expected that should the trial succeed, the virtual reality glasses will be made a permanent fixture in all Trade24 offices across the financial group.

Furthermore, Michael Gruszelius, the CEO, has pledged that the virtual communication will be expanded out to its clients and representatives wherever possible in order avoid their own additional carbon footprint from unnecessary business travel.

Unschooling Program Support

Trade24 has been a major financial supporter of the Unschooling program initiative which is defined by an approach to learning that is life-long rather than one that is restricted solely to school-based learning that ends when school does.

The Unschooling approach changes the focus from one where students are placed in a forced learning environment with students attending regularly scheduled classes on different subjects, to one where it is far more unstructured.

Students demonstrate a singular drive, motivation, and desire to learn. They must also develop their own sense of responsibility in life, to learn, to educate, and to keep adding new knowledge throughout their lives. This can lead to job promotions and other opportunities from this kind of continual learning approach.

Trade24 Also Supports Food Programmes

Trade24 has also been involved in food programmes that aim to help feed the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, and simply those people who need a leg up in their lives to get back on their feet.

The first step is having sufficient energy to function in life which is where food programmes can be vital to provide sufficient sustenance, vitamins, minerals and the other essentials that the human body needs. In this way, disadvantaged people are then able to re-focus on how to improve their lives rather than be solely focused on satisfying the essentials in life.

Trade24 Expanding On Multiple Fronts

Trade24 is not content with only being involved with small trades and currency exchange trading. The management behind the company has loftier goals and has set their sights on bigger markets including retail banking and merchant banking, becoming involved in initial public offerings to help finance startups and developing small businesses, and other interesting opportunities.

The last 12 months saw both the largest growth in income and the largest growth in traders recruited by the company to help handle the increasing volume of daily trades with its online customers. With the company on a clear growth path, it is gratifying to see that it is not forgetting its corporate responsibility to help do its bit for the environment, look for alternatives to traditional educational programmes, and support food programmes for the needy.

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