The Best Way to get PMP Certified

Project Management Professional Certification is a distinguished qualification required of a project manager. For a person aspiring to be a project manager, getting a PMP certification is a must. PMP certified individuals have a better edge when applying for a job. A PMP certified individual can even ask for a higher salary rank.

Steps in Getting PMP Certified

Getting PMP certified is not easy. It is not just about enrolling in a course and taking an exam afterward. Here are three steps to getting PMP certified.

Check Eligibility

To apply for a PMP Certification, a bachelor’s degree is necessary. Experience in project management for at least 36 months is also needed. An additional six months as a lead and director of a project should also be met. Finally, make sure to enroll and complete 35 hours of Project Management Education.

Applying for a PMP Certification is still possible without a bachelor’s degree. This is provided that the following requirements are met.

  • with a high school diploma
  • 5 years of project management experience
  • At least 10 months in leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of Project Management Education

Prepare Budget

It is not cheap to get a PMP Certification. it means enrolling and completing a 35-hour Project Management Education course first. How much would it cost to complete it? How much would it cost to enroll in a PMP Certification training course afterward?

Assess the Situation

Different factors can affect someone’s capability to learn. PMP Certification training courses can be grueling. Takers should only take it if they can focus completely. It means having time to read, review, study, and take exams.

Before enrolling in PMP, plan ahead. Make a study plan. Write the possible cost, risk, and budget.

How to get PMP Certified

To get a PMP Certification, find a reliable and trusted PMP training provider. A good PMP training provider equips their enrollees with the necessary knowledge to get PMP certified.

They should offer training options to their students. A combination of training and online courses would be great. They should also offer more than enough exercises and tests to prepare their students for the actual PMP exam. Before signing up, always check their course syllabus. What do they offer?

PMP credentials need to be renewed every three years. Find a PMP training provider that also offers review courses. They don’t just help students to get PMP certified, They also provide review materials for future reference.

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