Starpower Management’s Open Call a Massive Success

Firm Announces Second Night

Starpower Management LLC, the A -list firm that managed Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, held its once a year only open model and talent call last Sunday at the famed celeb hotspot Skybar in Hollywood, which proved to be an amazing night.

Over one hundred of Hollywood’s rich and beautiful filled to club, being photographed by paparazzi, and wining and dining poolside under the stars, over the sparkling lights of Hollywood, and enjoying the sexy beats of two trance – house DJ’s.

Girls outnumbered guys 4 to 1, with one table filled with over one dozen young models which caused guys to turn heads every time they passed. Networking was a major success, with movie deals and reality TV deals being done left and right including by one producer who remarked, “Man, I have never seen so many beautiful women in one spot in my entire life. This is driving me crazy!”

The publisher of The Beverly Hills Times arrived to enjoy the festivities, among other media.

TV star William Romeo was a major hit with the ladies, with models flocking to the star all night.

For further information, contact Starpower Management at 310-226-7176.,

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