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New Life Village is holding a charity event to benefit their services with the help of the amazing Lamb Manor Estate one last time, before it is sold. The owners have been gracious to open their home to New Life Village and friends to tour and enjoy the property while raising funds for a wonderful cause.

The house was Lamb Manor, the 1910 home of Asa Lamb, had fallen into disrepair in the 2000s, and a developer wanted the land for a condo tower. A $2.4M restoration in all 25 rooms has recently been completed, which shows off its five fireplaces, warm chestnut and oak paneling, intricate crown moldings, 19th century bronze and crystal lighting, beveled and stained glass windows and doors and period window treatments throughout. Its beauty and luster can be seen from miles away.

New Life Village is a unique inter-generational community conceived to encourage more people to adopt children who have been languishing in the foster care system. The group offers a place to live and a community that the children can, at last, call “Home.” They offer eligible families a home and a supportive community with activities, programs, and services; it also offers eligible older adult resident volunteers a home to provide basic support for the families and to engage in activities within the village.

It is the mission of the families and older residents to make the village their own and to provide the network and support that is so missing in many communities and households. New Life has the right energy and the right goals to make it possible. They’re on the ground floor of something new and exciting. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of it!

New Life Village Event

Saturday, October 5, 2014 from 2pm-6pm

Lamb Manor Estate, Ruskin, Florida

New Life Village www.newlifevillage

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Paul Halpern, M.Ed.

New Life Village

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