‘Outstanding CEO of the Year 2009’ Award For Gurtej Singh of Ivy

Mr Gurtej Singh is the CEO of tertiary care and multi-speciality Ivy Hospital. Mr Gurtej Singh is innovative, a self starter and a very humble person. He is passionate and a team leader who always leads from the front. All these personality traits made him a great achiever. These words were said at the Silver Jubilee function of the Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) here today while awarding him the “Outstanding CEO of the Year 2009” Award.

Dr A K Saihjpal, Branch Chairman, IIMM, said, “45 year old Mr Gurtej Singh with the support of his loving wife, who herself is a qualified doctor and his children plunged into the uncertain world of business at a very early stage of his life. After graduating from Thaper Institute of Engineering & Technology in Mechanical engineering in the year 1986, he started his own business of automotive components rather than choosing a comfortable government job.”

Mr Gurtej Singh, CEO, Ivy Hospital

However, his business could not satisfy his zeal to do something more and his natural risk-taking ability prevailed upon him to try something new. Therefore keeping in view the emerging middle class in India, he tried his hand at Enamel coated thermal utensils which were a fashion and in great demand during 2000. However fast emerging technology made this product redundant in the market very soon.

This set back did not deter him or subdue his innovative spirit even though he lost quite a lot of capital in the venture. The support of his loving family in this difficult time enabled him to think about new business models. It was during this period of introspection that the idea of a “Health Mall” came to his mind. Thus the birth of Ivy Hospital which started as a fantasy became real in 2008. Today Ivy hospital is the envy of established competitors and Mr.Gurtej Singh endeavours to expand this into a chain of Health Malls which can serve people from all spheres of life.

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