MixMedia Luxury Lounge at Sundance’s Green Pavilion

At the annual film festival, Sundance, the “green” movement pulled visitors to the ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion, even when the overall attendance was down. And one spot drew plenty of celebrities who wanted the pampered touch.

ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/MixMedia Luxury Lounge barely had breathing room as guests poured in and out.

Kim Shimmel and Patryjca Siewert-Towns in association with Stacy Broff of Diamond Girl Public Relations hosted celebrities and special guests; introducing them to the latest and greatest green products as well as some newly launched “must-have” accessories.

Broff Shimmel Towns 96
Kim Shimmel and Patryjca SiewertTowns

It was a selection of treats and treatment worthy of celebrity attention.

Sziols America made their first appearance with serious, high end sports glasses this year that are “perfect for those hitting the slopes during the festival.” Kevin Sorbo was very impressed with his new pair of Sziols. He told us he was going to wear them throughout his trip to Sundance. Sziols added a big smile to Chris MacDonald’s face too.

Susie McDonald Sziols1
Susie Sandstrom of Sziols fits Chris MacDonald & Kevin Sorbo in the perfect pair of Sziols!

Susie Sandstrom of Sziols fits Chris MacDonald & Kevin Sorbo in the perfect pair of Sziols!

Diedre Hall, of “Days of Our Lives” fame, cozied up to Lydia Mondavi while checking out her eco-friendly line of 29 Cosmetics. The LeatherRockBand bracelets and T-shirts were a huge hit with the guys. They’re the perfect accessories for styling “him.”

In addition to Hollywood stars, old favorites and hot up-and-comers, well-recognized producers, ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion had the pleasure of hosting some NFL gentle giants. Toya Jones, Mason Unck, Bo Barrett were happy to indulge in some healthy pampering.

Guests were pampered with a soothing scrub from Sweetie Sugar Scrub and plenty of Aubrey Organic products to keep their skin healthy and glowing.

HenrySimmons Broff 96
Actor Henry Simmons

The ladies couldn’t resist the meaningful and fabulous jewels from Liquid Fire Mantra. Guests were replenished throughout the lounge with treats from Nature’s Bounty; organic Coffee & Chocolate covered beans and the delicious banana chips! A boost of energy was on hand from GoWheatgrass.com.

Other guests included Cady Huffman, Tim Daly, Nick Canon, Louis Lombardi, Jason Ritter, Laura Nativo (Alpha Dog, Thresold), Craig Young (“The Unit”), Matthew Lillard, Chris Ashworth (“The Wire,” “Terminator”), Henry Simmons, Sophina Brown (Numb3rs), Alex Nesic.

Susie Sorbo McDonald Sziolstext
Susie Sandstrom of Sziols fits Chris MacDonald & Kevin Sorbo in the perfect pair of Sziols!

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